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Streamlining AI & HPC Deployment and Cost Management 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unleashing a new wave of digital disruption, transforming entire industries. Powered by high performance computing (HPC), innovative breakthroughs require massive amounts of expensive compute infrastructure. Increasingly, companies are turning to the cloud to reduce upfront hardware investments and scale HPCs faster.

As enterprises move forward with HPC and AI initiatives, managing complexity becomes increasingly challenging. A successful digital transformation goes beyond simple migration. It requires the efficient use of CPU, GPU, storage, and software to deliver optimal value.

Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud Central™ — built for AI and HPC cloud management —enables rapid access to workflows for data scientists and researchers while helping IT managers tame this complexity. From a single pane of glass, users can manage cloud, on-prem, and hybrid compute resources across users and teams while maintaining tight cost controls.

Leveraging HPC and AI Digital Transformation

HPC clusters require both a reliable underlying infrastructure for applications and an easy-to-use control layer for management. Without this control layer, users are often left to manually manage the cluster environment, slowing projects down and leading to expensive overruns.

Additionally, without proper management, clusters are often spun up and left running, racking up costs while under-provisioning resources can further delay projects. These risks grow when multiple users or groups are accessing multiple systems.

Benefits of Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud Central

Scyld Cloud Central provides a flexible, intuitive platform for deploying HPC and AI workloads, enabling enterprises to accelerate innovation and optimize costs. Key benefits include:

Streamlined Deployment of Secure Infrastructure

Enterprises can quickly spin up production-grade HPC and AI infrastructure on demand through a user-friendly interface. Robust access controls and infrastructure templates ensure security and consistency.

Simplified Workflow Automation and Configuration

Scyld Cloud Central allows users to easily configure and automate complex HPC and AI workflows with no coding required. Workflows can leverage clusters with thousands of cores and auto-scale based on demand.

Optimized Utilization and Cost Tracking

Usage metering and real-time cost tracking ensure resources are sized appropriately and shut down when not in use. Detailed cost tracking and budget alerts provide insight into spending across users, teams, and environments, preventing overprovisioning and runaway cloud bills.

Broad Application and Tools Support

The platform supports running popular HPC simulation, modeling, and analysis applications out of the box. For AI, deep learning frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow are pre-integrated. An application marketplace also allows one-click deployment of additional tools.

Enhanced Productivity with Integrated Visualization

With Scyld Cloud Workstation, users can access graphical applications and large datasets without transferring data. This integrated browser-based visualization eliminates latency and storage bottlenecks that often hinder productivity and are resource-intensive.

Optimize Your HPC and AI Environments

Scyld Cloud Central helps you streamline and simplify your HPC and AI environments, enabling you to deploy faster, optimize costs, and unlock the full value of your IT investments. With an automated and easy-to-use management layer, you can focus on innovation rather than spending hours managing the environment.

To know more, visit the Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud Central website or download the solution brief.