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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and high-performance data analytics are quickly becoming essential to a growing number of industries. Cumulative innovations in compute, storage, and networking are fueling this trend, while consumer applications and market competition are driving demand.

Generative AI is an artificial intelligence algorithm trained on large datasets to create new content. Content can include text, images, audio, video, and synthetic data. While AI models in the past have been able to replicate human tasks, generative AI represents a significant evolution.

Generative AI for enterprises can carry on sophisticated conversations using natural language processing and generate original content based on advanced machine learning.

Generative AI works by leveraging machine learning techniques and generative models to generate new data similar to training data. Generative AI relies on training data to uncover patterns and similarities, learning continuously as new data points are added. Once trained, generative AI can create new data points like the input data it has been trained on.

How Does Generative AI Work?

Generative AI models use neural networks to identify patterns and structures within existing content. AI and ML help models learn from vast datasets. Powered by high performance computing (HPC), generative AI can now learn in a semi-supervised or unsupervised mode for training, vastly accelerating the growth and knowledge base of Generative AI for enterprise businesses.

In unsupervised mode, deep learning models can take unlabeled datasets and analyze structure to extract useful information, using techniques such as:

Penguin Solutions Delivers

NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services

Penguin Solutions at the Forefront of the Generative AI Revolution

With more than 20 years of experience in HPC platforms, Penguin Solutions is at the forefront of the generative AI revolution. In fact, we have designed, built, and managed some of the largest and most powerful AI supercomputers in the world.  And today we are managing over 50,000 NVIDIA® GPUs for AI training.

Penguin Solutions is a leading expert in designing new computing infrastructures that power AI. These supercomputers are referred to as AI factories. We have designed AI factories comprising between 8000 – 24,000 NVIDIA GPUs each, mastering the exceptional complexity of ultra-large clusters.

To execute our design and maximize the efficiency and performance of the massive computing capacities needed for generative AI, we partner with leading storage and networking providers. We customize each solution based on the specific customer needs and AI workloads and test to ensure we have the optimal computing, storage, and networking solutions.

With our expertise in vendor management, RFP development, supply chain management and project management, Penguin Solutions helps ensure the designs are built and delivered capably. We have already completed the building, integration and deployment of AI factories with thousands of NVIDIA GPUs. Our deep experience in AI and HPC has allowed us to develop significant relationships with many technology partners, and we have procured more than $1B worth of equipment for AI factories. Having a proven capacity to build, deliver and deploy 700 diverse, integrated racks within 8 months, Penguin Solutions has exceptional skills at setting up AI factories at industry-leading speed.

Penguin Solutions is one of the leading managers of AI factories with over 50,000 NVIDIA GPUs running for AI training. But for most organizations, the complexity of supercomputers and cloud computing present serious budgetary and management challenges. That’s why Penguin Solutions has developed our own software for cluster management and for supporting hybrid infrastructure, combining on premise, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Our HPC experts design Scyld Software to emphasize security and ease of use, so you can focus on critical research and business rather than struggling to manage HPC environments. 

We  also have expertise in managing job scheduling, orchestration, and AI workflow., Thanks to our comprehensive software suite, HPC expertise, and world class DevOps, Penguin Solutions delivers exceptional computing performance for very large AI factories, achieving over 99% availability over several years and hundreds of millions of jobs without losing a single bit of data. Penguin Solutions also provides white glove services for the AI factories hardware, including onsite support and break fix services.

Beyond our experience and expertise in designing, building, and managing modern AI factories, Penguin Solutions is also the right partner for customers with ambitious generative AI strategies: focused on customer specific requirements and AI workloads, Penguin Solutions provides flexible deployments in cloud, on prem or hybrid environments, and supports flexible financial models appropriate for customer needs. Constantly benchmarking emerging technologies, Penguin Solutions is the right partner in this very innovative AI environment to provide efficiency, security, stability, scalability and risk mitigation for modern AI factories.

By powering next-generation applications and workloads on on-prem, cloud, or hybrid HPC infrastructure, Penguin Solutions delivers targeted, modular, and complementary HPC architectures to optimize performance and lower the barrier to adoption. With years of experience developing AI solutions for some of the world’s largest companies and government entities, Penguin Solutions can streamline the process of developing generative AI and eliminate the complexity of designing, deploying, operating, and supporting your AI and analytics infrastructure.

How Is Generative AI Beneficial?

Artificial intelligence solutions have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of today’s businesses. A generative model for specific tasks can be created using significantly lower amounts of data and incorporating well-written prompts to hone responses.

Generative AI for business is generally falling into three categories:

Generating content

Creating new outputs in an ever-growing number of disciplines, including copywriting, images, video, code writing, drug design, and advanced simulations.

Improving business processes

Improving efficiency by handling manual or repetitive tasks, such as summarizing documents, writing emails, or finding a way to improve business systems and processes.

Personalizing experiences

Generative AI can produce outcomes in multiple styles and based on different inputs, enabling personalization at scale. For example, chatbots can respond to a broader range of queries and mirror user inputs. Generative AI can also create highly targeted content or advertising based on specific customer behavior.

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