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Scyld ClusterWare

Powerful, intuitive cluster management software
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Performance and Scalability for Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

The world of HPC computing is constantly evolving and expanding; Scyld ClusterWare® is designed with this in mind. We’ve raised the bar to help organizations with the most demanding computing requirements maximize their HPC investment by designing a powerful, flexible solution for HPC and AI/ML cluster management. 

Scyld ClusterWare provides an intelligent suite of management functionality, including node provisioning, image customization, and cluster monitoring, while serving as a platform for additional software and schedulers.

Backed by 20+ years of HPC expertise, Penguin Computing™’s Scyld ClusterWare is developed based on the continuing evolution of Beowulf clusters first developed at NASA in the 1990s.

Manage Any Environment with Confidence

Designed for Flexibility

Intuitive tools and a redesigned GUI allow experienced admins to leverage their expertise, while making it easier for less experienced admins to manage their cluster efficiently. ClusterWare is deployed in a wide variety of industries, supporting clusters ranging from tens to many thousands of nodes.

Security Focused

ClusterWare can run in even the most secure environments, supporting industry-standard protocols. SELinux (including the RedHat MLS policy), air-gapped deployments, and federal STIG and FIPS security protocols are all supported.

Backed by HPC Experts

Scyld ClusterWare is developed and supported by a team of experts with decades of HPC experience. We work closely with users to build out our product roadmap and ensure our software will continue to evolve with users’ needs.