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Compute anywhere with Cloud 2.0…


As we exit the initial phase of cloud adoption and enter the second phase — Cloud 2.0 — we face a new set of challenges.  The concepts of “cloud first” and deciding between on-premises and cloud infrastructure models fade and give way to a more integrated approach that integrates your computing resources into a continuum.  A cloud-appropriate approach ties workloads to the resources best suited for performance and workflow requirements.  Features like workload portability, dynamic workflows, and data gravity mitigation are critical aspects to successfully integrating your on-premises and cloud assets for efficiency and productivity gains.

Our Cloud Technology practice is focused on delivering software-defined architectures that enable you to run your workloads regardless of where your compute or data resources reside. These platforms deliver the advances of a Cloud 2.0 world where workloads are delivered on simultaneously addressable resources. Our goal is to enable you to run workloads everywhere as a seamless user experience by removing the complexities of workload portability, inclusive workflows, data locality, and remote visualization.

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  • Unify your on-premises and cloud resources
  • Enhance productivity with innovative multi-platform workflows
  • Unlock the freedom of containerized & virtualized workloads
  • Leverage data wherever it resides
  • Power your global workforce with 3D VDI



Workload portability