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It Takes More Than Raw Computing Power to Achieve Your Business Goals

For decades, precision and accuracy in weather and climate forecasting lagged behind other computer-aided applications. However, change is on the horizon.

New satellites, aircraft, airborne radiosondes, ships, ocean-based buoys—even citizen-scientist run monitoring stations—are providing a huge increase in relevant data sets. Researchers and scientists now also have a better understanding fluid flow, physics, and chemistry changes. The result is higher fidelity algorithms and more accurate models. But even that isn’t enough to ensure organizations achieve success.

Computing a climate model requires expert preparation of a complex series of pre-processing jobs, solver jobs, and post-processing jobs. The simulations must run over varying lengths of time. The data then has to be accurately overlaid upon the three-dimensional topography of the Earth.

Global climate modeling and its interconnected data points from winds, temperatures, radiation, gas emission, cloud formation, land and sea-based ice, vegetation and many other elements result in an even greater level of complexity. And, in both cases, your calculations often also need to be compared against results from other groups, to understand why divergence occurred and whether modification is warranted.

Unlike most vendors, Penguin Computing™ offers not just Linux high-performance computing (HPC) platforms but also software-defined storage (SDS), expert services—from implementation services to managed services—as well as financing and top-rated Linux support to help organizations of all sizes and in all stages of their life cycle achieve their business goals.

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