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The HPC market is at a critical point where new users, platforms, and strategies increase the need and utility of this indispensable technology. Improvements in the underlying network, compute, and data platforms have brought about advances in the HPC discipline. An increasing number of industries are adopting HPC to improve time-to-market for research and product development. Complementary disciplines such as AI and Data Analytics are benefitting from HPC technologies and strategies and further drive the adoption of HPC in the enterprise. New data technologies are also driving innovative HPC strategies that improve accuracy and time-to-insight. The impact of HPC technologies has never been more pervasive, and its importance to your enterprise will grow with competitive market pressures.

Our HPC technology practice delivers targeted, modular, and complementary HPC architectures that improve performance and utility while lowering the barrier to adoption. Our tailored HPC platforms offer unprecedented ease of use and management, game-changing remote access tools, and a private cloud suite that brings the power of cloud technologies to your on-premises HPC infrastructure. These features can be combined with our traditional simulation platforms as well as our innovative, data-driven architectures that leverage the power of AI and Data Analytics. Penguin Computing™ will shorten your time-to-insight and discovery by removing the complexities involved in designing, deploying, supporting and operating your HPC infrastructure.

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  • Deliver powerful HPC to your enterprise.
  • Improve the utility and accessibility of your HPC platform.
  • Shorten time-to-insight with AI technologies.
  • Modernize your workflows with containers and virtualization.
  • Empower your users to work from anywhere.



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