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The Data Challenge

Data has become one of the greatest drivers of our economy, our businesses, and our IT infrastructures.  As data-intensive workloads scale, it’s critical to implement data-driven, software-defined architectures that meet the demands of large data sets.  These architectures are categorized into tiers based on characteristics such as performance, capacity, connectivity, and cost.  They are combined in a variety of data tiering strategies to efficiently optimize a complete data pipeline for the unique requirements of an organization’s workloads.  A typical data-intensive pipeline will benefit from a fast, in-memory tier for latency-sensitive workloads, a second fast and scalable flash tier for I/O-intensive workloads, and a capacity-optimized tier for long-term storage. 

Flash has quickly become a critical technology in the high-performance tier of many organizations’ data pipelines.  While flash is valuable at boosting the local performance of any server platform, its true potential is unlocked only when coupled with a software architecture that can aggregate capacity and performance across platforms with the stability required for enterprise use.  Expertly tuning the software for a purpose-designed hardware platform is the last step to extracting the greatest value from a flash data tier.  Ultimately, the right partnership can provide an optimized platform with the architecture, integration, support, and managed services to ensure your success.

Penguin Computing™ ActiveData

Penguin Computing ActiveDataTM is a high-performance flash storage platform, optimizing robust software-defined capabilities with tuned hardware for blazing fast I/O performance that scales.  ActiveData addresses the unique demands of your flash storage tier, while effortlessly integrating into your overall data pipeline.  ActiveData delivers massive bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and storage features to manage modern enterprise workloads and workflows.

This solution provides a production-ready, flash storage solution that can accelerate a wide range of workloads including AI/ML, HPC, media streaming, and transcoding.  This flash platform can improve performance for a variety of use cases, whether it’s data ingest, batch feature extraction, hyperparameter optimization, inferencing and versioning, or other tasks.  ActiveData provides the same benefits regardless of whether it’s running on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture. Direct access to data eliminates time-consuming data staging at the compute layer and storage silos which reduces wall clock time.

You can implement ActiveData as a stand-alone solution or you can combine it with other Penguin Computing Data, HPC, AI, and Cloud solutions to provide an end-to-end complete compute platform.


  • Speed time-to-market.
  • Stay ahead of emerging technologies.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Improve performance across all file sizes.

Penguin Computing ActiveData with WekaFS

Penguin Computing ActiveData with WekaFS addresses the unique challenges of high IO storage workloads with the scalability needed to tame your ever-growing data sets. ActiveData with WekaFS delivers massive bandwidth for ingest and training, ultra-low latency for improved inferencing, and storage features to manage the most data-intensive workloads. 


  • Balanced high-performance flash storage for predictable performance that scales
  • Workload-optimized storage with high bandwidth and low latency
  • Flexibility for dedicated or converged deployment models
  • Supports bare-metal, containerized, virtual, cloud and hybrid deployments

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