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Massively scalable storage for the most demanding applications…

The Data Challenge

Every year, organizations are creating larger quantities of unstructured data, making it hard to keep up. There is a growing demand for data to feed artificial intelligence (AI) systems to improve decision making, customer experiences, and deliver new services. Additionally, image and video files are increasing in quantity and size while the continued growth of IoT and edge devices is accelerating an influx of unstructured data.

Traditional storage solutions simply cannot keep up with performance demand, unlike a workload optimized software-defined architecture that can be tuned for I/O profiles. Organizations need a way to scale storage without increasing cost, head count, or security issues while adapting to modern data management modalities that accelerate time to value.

The Penguin Computing™ DeepData™ Solution

The Penguin Computing DeepData solution is built upon workload-optimized server and storage building blocks and software-defined storage technologies to provide a scale-out, data-resilient solution that can quickly grow with expanding data requirements.

DeepData can be integrated into existing bare-metal, containerized, virtual, or cloud environments. It can be deployed as a stand alone solution or in combination with other Penguin Computing solutions for data, HPC, AI/analytics, and cloud to provide an end-to-end workload driven environment. The DeepData solution is solving the market challenge of tackling platform complexity by leveraging software-defined architectures on workload tested platforms, and providing expert users direct access to emerging technologies.