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HPC Industry Specific Solutions

Let Penguin Computing™ point you to better solution possibilities using our unmatched open technology expertise and deep industry knowledge as a guide.

Financial Services

Financial firms fighting for an edge must effectively manage more complex information sets and ever-increasing message volumes.

Oil & Gas

Mountains of data need to be accessed and analyzed quickly to keep business flowing and manage supply.

Federal Government

Federal agencies need increasing compute and storage capabilities to support rising demands for mission critical projects.


Climate model computing requires expert preparation of pre-processing jobs, solver jobs, and post-processing jobs.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Healthcare and Life Science researchers face critical problems with huge data sets needing tremendous compute power and storage.

Higher Education

Academic institutions are devouring computing power to perform their research, working to balance compute performance with resources.

Engineering & Manufacturing

In manufacturing, computing throughput and the number and quality of simulations you are able to run directly impact design quality.