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Optimize GPU Clusters for Fast, Accurate
Financial Services AI

Financial Services demand accuracy and speed. Gaining insights quickly can be the difference between generating alpha and missing opportunities. Yet, many companies struggle to take advantage of high performance computing (HPC) with GPU clusters and AI. A third of companies haven’t expanded their HPC for AI due to a lack of expertise, according to Hyperion Research. Nearly half of those companies said this prevents them from furthering their AI capabilities.

Penguin Solutions has the HPC expertise and experience to help you overcome these challenges and manage complex GPU cluster infrastructure seamlessly and flawlessly.

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Penguin Solutions provides the infrastructure and support you need to manage GPU clusters efficiently while maintaining tight control and meeting regulatory requirements.

Algorithmic Trading

Execute sophisticated trading algorithms at high speed to capitalize on market opportunities that are gone in seconds. Penguin Solutions provides low-latency HPC solutions with high-throughput and robust optimization tools that enhance execution.

Quantitative Analysis and Modeling

Conduct complex quantitative analysis, pricing derivatives, and financial models to support investment decisions. Penguin Solutions optimizes GPU clusters at scale, including storage and support for parallel algorithms and specialized libraries for financial computations.

Fraud Detection

Analyze large volumes of transaction data to detect and prevent fraud. Penguin Solutions builds well-architected compute infrastructure for real-time analytics and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms for anomaly detection.

Learn how Penguin Solutions designed and deployed a new members-owned stock exchange. 

Members Exchange (MEMX) is engineered to maximize determinism, minimize latency and jitter, and consistently provide a predictable platform to execute trades at the best price possible.

You need powerful, scalable, and customizable solutions that address your specific computational and data management requirements — and you need to efficiently manage energy consumption and avoid surprise bills for unmanaged compute resources. Penguin Solutions helps financial services firms design, build, and convert AI and HPC computing into opportunities to innovate and drive revenue performance. We also offer services and software, including Penguin Computing Scyld ClusterWare® to provide:

Faster processing for the most complex models and algorithms

Flexible deployment options (cloud or on-prem)

Reduced latency for real-time trading and analytics

Automated triage and remediation of known node failures

Scalable and automated capacity on-demand

Automated detection of wiring and InfiniBand issues

Highly available configurations to minimize disruptions

Improve speed, reliability, & scalability

to maximize the ROI of your investments in high-performance computing for GPU clusters.