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Accelerate Time to Value with Energy Industry AI and High Performance Computing Solutions

Meeting growing consumption needs, finding new sources of oil and gas, and balancing sustainability and renewable energy solutions create significant challenges.

Whether placing billion-dollar bets on exploration or running complex reservoir simulations, Energy companies require robust compute platforms to produce accurate models to mitigate risks and speed time to profit. At the same time, such massive computing power requires innovative power and cooling solutions to meet sustainability goals.

Penguin Solutions is uniquely qualified to design, build, deploy, and manage AI and HPC solutions to power the Energy industry.

Penguin Solutions delivers AI and HPC solutions in the data center and out to the edge and cloud,
including infrastructure and services, to meet your compute requirements.

Accelerated Computing with GPU

Accelerate resource-intensive workloads with AI and GPU compute power. Penguin Solutions provides HPC and GPU computing solutions designed for your operations. When you partner with us, you get our 25 years of expertise to solve your toughest computing challenges.

  • Run new AI workloads
  • Train algorithms to recognize patterns
  • Accelerate discovery and insights

Seismic Imaging, Reservoir Simulation and Management

Achieve accurate models and predictions from seismic data and reservoir simulations. Penguin Solutions scalable, high-throughput computing solutions handle massive datasets, including parallel processing, optimized algorithms, and advanced visualizations.

  • Optimize well placement 
  • Increase drilling hit rates
  • Generate realistic 3D models

Data Management and Analytics

Manage massive datasets, including historical geophysical, well, and production data. Penguin Solutions provides a robust, scalable foundation for data management and analysis—integrated with cluster management and efficient data transfer tools.

  • Optimize real-time drilling
  • Optimize industrial sites
  • Manage compliance

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Balance HPC performance with energy efficiency, emissions reductions, and physical footprint. Penguin Solutions offers innovative cooling solutions, including direct to chip, liquid cooling, and immersion—reducing energy costs and supporting your sustainability goals.

  • Maximize data center performance while supporting sustainability goals
  • Fully integrate new and emerging cooling technologies
  • Design for energy efficiency

See how Penguin partnered with Shell and Nvidia to build the sustainable data center of the future using liquid immersion cooling

Penguin also partnered with Shell and AMD to increase HPC capacity while lowering emissions at Shell’s Houston data center.

You require powerful, scalable, and customizable computing that addresses your high-stakes exploration, simulation, and management needs.

Partnering with you, we produce a computing foundation that powers your most demanding workloads characterized by:

Faster processing for the most complex models and algorithms

Highly available configurations to minimize disruptions

Reduced latency for real-time trading and analytics

Flexible deployment options (cloud or on-prem)

Scalable and automated capacity on-demand

The result — improved speed, reliability, and scalability

that maximizes the ROI of your GPU investments..