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Ultimate workload portability with cloud-native technologies…

The Cloud Challenge

One of the greatest IT changes in the last decade has been the steady migration to the cloud.  While this move has been a success for many, for others, it has not.  Challenges around workflows, data locality, data migration, and cost have proven difficult to overcome in some cases.  As a result, many organizations are shifting from a “cloud first” operating model to a “cloud appropriate” model.   

A cloud first approach focuses on targeting workloads to the right resources based on technical and economic factors.  This approach involves a continuum of computing resources from on-premises to hybrid and multi-cloud.  Leveraging this model requires underlying platforms to provide the workload and workflow portability to effortlessly move between resources.  

Whether you are fully repatriating from the cloud to on-premises or planning to embrace a hybrid strategy, your users will benefit from the flexibility that a comprehensive cloud-native solution provides.  You need a complete cloud-native solution created and supported by experts that has the tools that give you what you need to create an on-premises or hybrid cloud that supports containerized or virtualized workloads.

Penguin Computing™ CloudBase

Creating value depends on your ability to deliver applications and workloads faster. The explosion of data-driven workloads in AI/ML, Analytics, IoT, and other emerging technologies adds fuel to the fire. As a result, cloud-native technologies like containerization and virtualization are becoming the preferred way to build new software experiences.  These technologies also allow you to modernize existing applications, workloads, and workflows at scale from on-premises to public cloud and multi-cloud. 

Penguin Computing CloudBase™ accelerates and simplifies the development and operations (DevOps) of cloud-native apps wherever and however you need to build and deploy them. CloudBase not only provides comprehensive container infrastructure lifecycle operations from the data center to the cloud to the edge, it also helps your developers modernize apps and innovate workloads with integrated service catalogs and microservices, service mesh, and serverless features.

CloudBase delivers a balanced blend of development and operations features that:

  • Simplify cloud-native app development with rich development services. Jump-start your development and app modernization with microservices frameworks, serverless support, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) integrations, dependency management, and app lifecycle management features like code quality checks and vulnerability scanning.
  • Enable distributed infrastructure operations from data center to cloud to edge. Extend your operational control to the edge with model-driven configuration, monitoring, security, and cluster lifecycle features for unified multi-cloud cluster operations.


  • Achieve cloud-native workload portability.
  • Build true hybrid clouds across private and public domains.
  • Administer cloud infrastructure and app development workloads with a unified management framework.
  • Modernize and deploy apps faster.
  • Integrate and deploy apps in containers and virtual machines.
  • Create a private cloud with public cloud-like scalability.
  • Improve the performance, adaptability, and accessibility of your data platforms.

Penguin Computing CloudBase with Red Hat® Cloud Suite

Penguin Computing CloudBase with Red Hat® Cloud Suite is built on our optimized server building blocks and cloud-native technologies to orchestrate an on-premises or open hybrid cloud environment that enables workload portability and infrastructure flexibility for containerized and virtualized applications.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives enterprises an open foundation to deploy, scale, and manage a private cloud. It combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Server and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) into a secure infrastructure—a combination that allows users to run OpenStack nodes (such as compute, storage, and management) like a public cloud, but in a private environment.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Virtualization allows organizations to take advantage of the simplicity and speed of containers and Kubernetes while still benefiting from the applications and services that have been architected for virtual machines.  

You can combine CloudBase with other Penguin Computing solutions for HPC, Data, Cloud, and AI/Analytics. When you combine the benefits from these different technologies, you can easily build complex, high-performance environments across many facets of your IT infrastructure.

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