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Data is the lifeblood for many critical enterprise operations, driving much needed insight for business processes and setting a foundation for all AI applications.  It is both the input and output product of all HPC workloads and is the engine driving the current internet cycle.  Digital transformation is pushing ever-increasing growth rates in global data production with total production rates expected to double over the next four years.  Fortunately, advances in software-defined storage, data tiering, and the underlying hardware provide the tools you need to tame this growth and extract valuable insight from your data.

Our data technology practice delivers modern data architectures that leverage rapidly evolving open hardware combined with the stability, utility, and flexibility of innovative software architectures.  We help our customers benefit from data-driven insight by addressing the challenges of increasing data production in every facet of their infrastructure.  Optimizing critical design choices around workload, performance, capacity, locality, and user experience, our carefully designed data platforms will meet your current needs and provide the foundation for your future.

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  • Speed your data infrastructure with workload-targeted platforms.
  • Enhanced your workflow and data protection with intelligent tiering architectures.
  • Unlock the true potential of your in-memory compute.
  • Liberate your team from data gravity constraints.



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