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More than a third of companies are already deploying artificial intelligence solutions and 44% of private sector businesses say they plan to invest in AI solutions in 2023. Those embracing AI for high performance data analytics are also investing heavily. One recent survey showed that nearly two-thirds of companies plan to continue or increase their AI and machine learning spending.

Cumulative innovations in compute, storage, and networking are fueling this trend, while consumer applications and market competition are driving demand.

Generative AI for business is grabbing headlines for AI solutions like ChatGPT, but that’s just one such use of HPC and AI solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high-performance data analytics are quickly becoming business imperatives to remain competitive across a growing number of industries.


Penguin Solutions is a leading provider of AI solutions

GPU-based compute nodes powered by the latest NVIDIA® A100 and H100 tensor core GPUs. Penguin Solutions delivers both cost and performance-optimized NVIDIA-powered servers based on our own proprietary designs – and we are a leading supplier of NVIDIA DGX™ AI/GPU solutions.

Penguin Solutions can design complete AI clusters to meet customer requirements – and then build/validate the clusters in our factory prior to delivery. Penguin Solutions OriginAI™ leverages artificial intelligence solutions software and the NVIDIA DGX™ A100 system to provide a high-performance DL training environment for large-scale, multi-user AI software development teams. This includes cluster management (Penguin Computing Scyld ClusterWare™), orchestration tools (OpenShift), workload schedulers (Slurm, PBS/Torque, Kubernetes), AI libraries and frameworks, and optimized containers from the NGC container registry.

Penguin Solutions can provide immediate access to “AI clusters in the cloud” made up of NVIDIA GPU-based nodes assembled into high-performance processing clusters on a pay-as-you-go basis. The platform includes complete cost management, budget guardrail and charge-back reporting features to drive rapid results within established budgets.

Penguin Solutions can build and host complete private AI clusters in our “AI factory” environment. Customers enjoy the benefits of dedicated access to their own AI environments – and we take care of deployment, hosting, management and break/fix processing.

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Penguin Solutions at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution

Penguin Solutions has designed several AI factories comprising between 8000 and 24,000 NVIDIA GPUs each, therefore mastering the exceptional complexity of such ultra large clusters. We worked with the leading storage and networking partners to maximize the efficiency of these massive computing capacities. We test and help select the optimal storage and most powerful and reliable networking solutions from industry leaders, in accordance with specific customer needs and AI workloads. We also test and help select the most powerful and reliable networking solutions from industry-leading networking solutions providers.


Applications and Use Cases for AI for High Performance Data Analysis

HPC for AI is being deployed across a wide variety of use cases in multiple industries. HPC and AI solutions are driving innovation, such as:

Energy Management

Utilities use AI and HPC to manage electricity grids based on consumption and weather patterns. Oil and gas companies are using high performance data analytics to identify potential pool and gas reserves while reducing exploration costs.

Fraud Detection

Financial institutions and credit card issuers are using AI to conduct high performance data analytics to assess transactions and uncover patterns using additional data sources to uncover fraudulent activity.

Predictive Analytics

eCommerce companies use AI to analyze historical customer data and behavior to predict future purchases and preferences. AI solutions such as personalized product recommendation engines account for a significant percentage of eCommerce revenue. Manufacturers are deploying predictive analytics for maintenance and process optimization.

Natural Language Processing

Social media platforms are using artificial intelligence solutions such as natural language processing (NLP) to analyze user-generated content for sentiment analysis.

Image and Video Analytics

Security companies are using AI image and video analytics to analyze surveillance in real-time to detect anomalies that might indicate potential threats.

Supply Chain Optimization

Logistics companies are deploying AI solutions that help mitigate risk within various supply chain stages to optimize routing, minimize transportation costs, and anticipate potential disruptions.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life science are using artificial intelligence services and solutions to aid in diagnosing diseases, optimizing treatment plans, image analysis, and predicting patient outcomes based on different modalities.


Scientific researchers using HPC and AI solutions have made stunning breakthroughs in genomics and physics by analyzing massive data sets to simulate complex scenarios.



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