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Scyld Software for HPC/AI

Enterprise and HPC Software

For most organizations, the complexity of HPC and cloud computing present serious budgetary and usability challenges. That’s why Penguin Computing™ offers industry-leading software for management of HPC clusters and cloud-enabled HPC and AI environments, including remote visualization. Our HPC experts design Scyld Software to emphasize security and ease of use, so you can focus on critical research and business rather than struggling to manage HPC environments.

Scyld ClusterWare

Powerful HPC cluster provisioning and management suite. Secure, scalable, and ready to be customized to fit any HPC cluster needs.

Scyld Cloud Manager

Highly configurable management tool for cloud-enabled HPC and AI environments, providing access control, usage reporting, chargeback handling and API integration.

Scyld Cloud Workstation

Penguin Computing’s fast, secure virtual desktop solution. The native and web clients support Windows, Linux, and macOS, offering multi-user collaboration.

Scyld Cloud Central

Cloud native HPC/AI for rapid deployment and scaling – enabling point-and-click definition of robust and elastic HPC clusters that can run in the public cloud.