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Increase HPC speed and accuracy with the power of AI…

AI-Empowered HPC

Artificial Intelligence has become an increasingly pervasive component of many aspects of modern technology. It also serves as a complementary technology to HPC. AI architectures share many architectural elements with those of its HPC counterparts. Both require balance between the computing, networking, and data systems to perform optimally. Both are connected by the fact that they are ultimately data processing and production platforms but perform complementary tasks in that effort.

Deploying HPC and AI platforms in a common infrastructure enables users to engage them for workload-specific tasks or combine them for a data-driven HPC pipeline. Adding AI and ML capabilities to a traditional HPC pipeline leverages data analysis to narrow and optimize the search and design spaces of HPC workloads. This approach can dramatically reduce run times and increase the accuracy of traditional HPC techniques.

These advanced pipelines are creating a convergence of HPC and AI that is being driven by large and growing amounts of data. When HPC and AI platforms are deployed in the same architecture, researchers can collaborate by leveraging a unified data infrastructure to operate on the same data to speed time to insight.

You need a secure HPC infrastructure that is optimized for your unique workloads and cloud needs and is engineered by a partner who knows HPC, AI, and the cloud.


  • Jump-start initiatives with a ready-to-run, AI-empowered, cloud-enabled enterprise HPC cluster.
  • Discover more insights and take action faster.
  • Use AI to narrow and optimize search and design spaces of HPC workloads.
  • Dramatically reduce run times and increase accuracy.
  • Engage HPC and AI platforms separately or as a unified data pipeline.
  • Improve the performance, adaptability, and accessibility of your data platforms.
  • Achieve cloud-native workload portability.
  • Build true hybrid clouds that scale across all compute assets.

Penguin Computing™ InsightHPC

Penguin Computing InsightHPC™ combines decades of HPC and AI design experience with the best in cloud-native technologies to provide proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC architectures.

InsightHPC is built on HPC- and AI-optimized server building blocks and cloud orchestration technologies to provide an on-premises, data-driven HPC cloud-native solution that allows you to leverage an AI pipeline to reduce time-to-insight for HPC workloads.

InsightHPC provides a complete software, hardware, and management platform built on our compute-optimized hardware, Red Hat Cloud Suite technologies, and Penguin Computing Scyld cloud and cluster orchestration and management software. This out-of-the-box, cloud-enabled HPC solution also leverages high-performance, low-latency networking and storage technologies to deliver optimized HPC for your workloads.

InsightHPC allows you to get the most performance out of your underlying HPC cluster from day one. With the powerful cloud and cluster management of Scyld Clusterware® and Scyld Cloud Manager and expert management from the Penguin Computing services teams, your end users can engage with these resources with the same ease and even better performance than they need to keep innovating.

You can combine InsightHPC with other Penguin Computing solutions for Data, Cloud, and AI/Analytics. When you combine the benefits from these different technologies, you can easily build complex, high-performance environments across many facets of your IT infrastructure.

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