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The Cloud-Enabled HPC Challenge

The HPC landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades.  The underlying technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.  In addition, the adoption of cloud computing has created a new expectation for workload portability and user experience both in the cloud and in on-premises resources.   Delivering that experience can improve utilization and efficiency.  If you can adapt, you can enhance your capabilities and improve your competitiveness.

Cloud-native technologies like containerization and virtualization are quickly becoming the preferred way to build new software experiences and modernize existing workloads, and workflows. These technologies deliver an improved, unified experience at scale from private clouds to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. 

Designing the right cloud-enabled, on-premises HPC platform for your workloads is a complex task.  Ensuring that the compute, storage, and networking subsystems are well designed individually and function in a balanced manner together is critical.  With each new technological advance comes more choices.  A poor design choice at any point in the process can negatively impact performance and reliability and can significantly reduce the value of your HPC investment. 

Mitigating these risks, building optimal infrastructures, and planning for the future of your HPC environment is not simple. You need a cloud-enabled HPC infrastructure that is optimized for your unique workloads and portability needs and is engineered by a partner who knows HPC and who knows the cloud.  To manage and customize it all, you need cloud-native tools that are created specifically for administrators by engineers who manage HPC from on-premises to the cloud.


  • Jump-start on-premises initiatives with cloud-enabled, ready-to-run enterprise HPC.
  • Create a private cloud with public cloud-like scalability.
  • Achieve cloud-native workload portability.
  • Build true hybrid clouds across private and public domains.
  • Integrate and deploy apps faster in containers and virtual machines.
  • Improve the performance, adaptability, and accessibility of your data platforms.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Customize and manage your HPC and cloud environments with a unified management framework.
  • Free up administrators so they can focus on tasks specific to your business.

Penguin Computing™ AccessHPC

Penguin Computing AccessHPC™ combines decades of on-premises HPC design experience with the best in cloud-native technologies to provide proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC architectures. 

AccessHPC provides a complete software, hardware, and management platform built on our compute-optimized hardware, Red Hat Cloud Suite technologies, and Penguin Computing Scyld cloud and cluster orchestration software. This out-of-the-box, cloud-enabled HPC solution for your data center also leverages high-performance, low-latency networking and storage technologies to deliver  full workload optimization. 

AccessHPC allows you to get the most performance out of your underlying HPC cluster from day one. With the powerful cloud and cluster management of Scyld ClusterWare and Scyld Cloud Manager and expert management from the Penguin Computing services teams, your end users can engage with these resources with the  ease and  performance  they need to keep innovating. 

You can combine AccessHPC with other Penguin Computing reference architectures for Data, Cloud, and AI/Analytics. When you combine the benefits from these different technologies, you can easily build complex, high-performance environments across many facets of your IT infrastructure.

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