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AI and Analytics Solutions

Increasingly, organizations are understanding the powerful insights that can be derived from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In fact, this insight is quickly becoming a key competitive advantage.  As organizations move to adopt these technologies, they are faced with the challenge of implementing complex new systems that are highly customized, tightly integrated, and rapidly evolving.

In this highly specialized endeavor, the odds for success can be stacked against you.To succeed, every component of your AI infrastructure must be expertly tuned to support your unique AI workload. AI platforms must strike a design balance between compute, storage and networking performance to deliver the greatest return on your investment. Without this balance data path bottlenecks can strand expensive resources,  leading to lost productivity and increased time to insight. You need a scalable AI architecture that keeps pace with rapidly changing technology advances.

Developing AI infrastructure can be costly and time consuming, taking an estimated two to three years of internal research to bring AI-based products to market.

Realizing a need for a comprehensive AI solution that encompasses architectural design, hardware and software services, hosting, and deployment, CIOs are increasingly seeking the expertise of single solution providers.

Penguin Computing™ OriginAI

Penguin Computing OriginAITM provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for data center AI that tightly integrates software, compute, networking, data management, and infrastructure to ensure your project’s success. Leverage our AI expertise to ensure the rapid and successful implementation of critical analytics technologies so you can focus on the business and human challenges of becoming a data-driven organization.

Penguin Computing OriginAITM provides an all-in-one platform for data center analytics development, training, and inference. OriginAI frees organizations from using valuable time and resources to build an architecture from scratch, reducing costs, decreasing risk, and accelerating time-to-insight.


  • Benefits
  • Speed time-to-adoption of critical AI technologies
  • Improve efficiency and ROI with custom designs
  • Optimize workflows with deep integration tools
  • Augment AI technical skill sets with targeted services
  • Choose from flexible engagement models: On-premises, As-a-Service, Cloud

Accelerate AI/ML and Cloud Native Workloads with WekaIO, Penguin Computing and Red Hat

Penguin Computing OriginAI

Penguin Computing OriginAI leverages AI software and the NVIDIA DGX™ A100 system to provide a high-performance DL training environment for large-scale, multi-user AI software development teams. This includes cluster management (Scyld ClusterWare), orchestration tools (OpenShift), and workload schedulers (Slurm, PBS/Torque, Kubernetes), AI libraries and frameworks, and optimized containers from the NGC container registry.

This solution is designed with NVIDIA A100 systems, NVIDIA’s premier system for AI and analytics. It also features NVIDIA HDR InfiniBand networking, leverages Penguin Computing ActiveData™ with WekaIO WekaFS for high-performance data storage, and leverages Penguin Computing DeepData™ with Red Hat Ceph for high-throughput object storage. All of this is managed by experts from Penguin Computing’s services team to provide an optimized AI environment and a streamlined user experience.  Paired with data storage via Penguin Computing ActiveData and DeepData, OriginAI can provide a complete AI/DL training environment.


  • Penguin Computing Scyld ClusterWare
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • NVIDIA DGX A100 System
  • NVIDIA HDR Infiniband Network
  • Penguin Computing ActiveData Solution with WekaIO WekaFS
  • Penguin Computing DeepData Solution with Red Hat Ceph

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