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Penguin Solutions OriginAI®

Pre-configured, validated, and tested AI infrastructure architectures backed by
intelligent cluster management software and expert services

Rapid Deployment & Management of AI Infrastructure at Scale

Organizations are in a race to leverage the powerful insights of artificial intelligence (AI) to gain a strategic edge. However, adopting AI comes with hurdles, and organizations face the challenge of rapidly implementing and managing highly complex and rapidly evolving technologies.

Success hinges on a tightly integrated, finely tuned AI infrastructure specifically designed for your unique workload and environment. AI platforms need to achieve an optimal balance among compute, storage, and network performance to speed your time to value and maximize your return on investment. Imbalances can create data bottlenecks, rendering expensive resources useless and delaying valuable insights. To avoid failure, organizations need a scalable and well-planned AI architecture to keep pace with a dynamic technology landscape.

Success also takes expertise. As CEOs and CIOs recognize the need for a comprehensive AI solution that encompasses hardware, software, and services, they increasingly seek expert solution providers to deploy and manage their AI factory infrastructure at scale.

Penguin Solutions OriginAI

OriginAI® is an AI factory infrastructure solution built upon proven, pre-defined AI architectures that scale from hundreds to more than 16,000 GPU clusters. OriginAI integrates these validated technologies with Penguin’s intelligent, intuitive cluster management software and expert services for designing, building, deploying, and managing AI infrastructure at scale.

Reducing Complexity Building AI factories since 2017

Reducing the complexity and risk of AI implementation while accelerating time to value

Penguin Solutions is an NVIDIA-certified Elite OEM and DGX AI Compute Systems Solution Provider, and a DGX-Ready Managed Services partner. We have successfully built AI infrastructures since 2017 with more than 75,000 GPUs deployed and managed. OriginAI is based on proven architectures and methodologies that we’ve developed over 7+ years of designing and deploying AI infrastructure.
Optimizing Performance More than 75K GPUs deployed and managed

Delivering predictable performance and optimal
ROI at deployment

OriginAI solutions leverage our testing and simulation environment to help confirm production readiness and validate AI cluster performance. Starting with a validated architecture and then testing it in the factory ensures performance and ROI once fully deployed at the customer site.
Maximizing Utilization Greater than 95% availability of nodes

Maximizing GPU availability and utilization once deployed

OriginAI, with Scyld ClusterWare® Assured Infrastructure Module and onsite spares depot, achieves greater than 95% availability of nodes while driving higher GPU cluster performance than typical deployments. Scyld ClusterWare, combined with our expert services, helps to ensure that OriginAI maximizes cluster utilization and health alongside AI node availability to drive higher overall performance.

AI Expertise & Experience

With 25+ years of HPC experience, 7+ of designing and deploying AI infrastructure, and more than 75,000 GPUs deployed and managed since 2017, Penguin Solutions is the trusted strategic partner for AI and HPC solutions for organizations like Meta, Sandia Labs, the U.S. Navy, and Georgia Tech