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Penguin Computing Pushes CPU Envelope for Low Latency, High Density HPC Power

Penguin Computing, experts in high performance computing (HPC), today announced immediate availability of the new Altus 1750 server, a dual socket 1U system built specifically to support the fastest clock speeds available for AMD Opteron x86 CPUs. The Altus 1750 is designed to deliver the best price/performance combination in the market for high clock speed (including over-clocked) systems, and is the only production system designed to do this for an AMD Opteron platform. “Altus 1750 combines AMD’s industry leading multi core processors with raw GHz performance that’s uniquely ours,” said Charles Wuischpard, CEO, Penguin Computing. “As an AMD Platinum Elite partner we are fully committed to providing best-in-class AMD solutions for the scientific and financial communities.” The Altus 1750 is ideal for high frequency trading and other low latency applications that benefit from the highest frequency CPUs available. The Altus 1750s optimized cooling design coupled with AMD Opteron technology provides a system that is faster, denser, and offers better price/performance than other comparable systems.