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Delivering Our Products with Continued Support During These Unprecedented Times

We at Penguin Edge are very proud of our customers. In a very short time, the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic has impacted how companies manage their business and protect their employees. As we go through this unprecedented time, we have refined and accelerated our business continuity plans by taking proactive and focused measures that are allowing us to deliver the products and services that our customers need – at a time when they need them the most! Our first priority has been to help our customers and partners around the world to keep their teams safe and it is crucial we do this without compromising the ability to remain connected and productive. At SMART, we remain committed to providing our customers with our world-class products and the same level of services as during normal business days. Our customers are working with hospitals to implement AI based wash stations to ensure all staff and visitors adhere to strict washing guidelines. Leveraging the power of AI and SMART’s solutions, washing stations can now monitor hand washing guidelines and provide alerts if procedure are not properly adhered, thereby reducing the likeliness of passing on infection and contamination.
The Covid crisis has also fueled an increase in in-home exercising due to the closure of gyms and the concern of group classes using group equipment. Our customers are helping people remain healthy and have an active lifestyle while following the mandated stay-at-home orders by continuing to provide in-home, on-demand virtual training sessions via their interactive SMART powered products.
Additionally, classroom education and in-person training is being transformed to online classes with the use of modern interactive whiteboard technology to assist educators, trainers and corporate communication. Customers like OneScreen are doing their part to support anyone facing the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is making sure that each individual can continue to work, teach and collaborate remotely while staying safe and healthy. Sufian Munir, CEO of OneScreen takes his responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and as a human seriously, and has pledged, “to offer anyone, including our Customers, Partners and Resellers, usage of our browser-based interactive collaboration and distance learning tools at no cost for six months. We are doing this to simplify any of the remote working scenarios your teams, students, and teachers may require in the days ahead.” Penguin Edge continues to drive video collaboration efforts with our customers, like OneScreen by leveraging our video encoding and decoding expertise. The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 affects companies and individuals differently. SMART, like so many other companies across the globe has taken great strides to keep its workers safe, with “shelter-at-home” preventative measures for all its non-essential workers and increased cleaning and sterilization procedures for its factory workers. Yet we strive to maintain productivity and delivery to our customers because we know the value that our customers can bring during this crisis. There will be challenges but we believe patience and partnership will see us through these difficult times. We are here for you!