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Penguin Computing™ DataNexus Solution Enables Flexible, On-Demand Data Accessibility for HPC Applications

Today, businesses are grappling with how to close the gap between their application requirements and ability to access the data they need, when they need it. The traditional approach to addressing this challenge has been to move the application to the data site, move the data to the application site, or access the data from a private, public, or hybrid cloud. While this approach works with varying levels of success, moving data in this way brings considerable time and performance issues.

To help customers have flexible, quick data accessibility for their HPC applications, Penguin Computing™ DataNexus Solution with Ultimate X is a new data movement solution that addresses these obstacles by allowing users to access and manipulate data remotely, and at unprecedented speed, without needing to move or transfer it in or out of on-premise, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments. 

Penguin Computing has collaborated with Vcinity, utilizing Vcinity Ultimate X to create this new solution. It enables users to access federated data over one or more WAN connections as a worldwide data set and offers a high degree of accessibility to the data while improving time to insight and supporting real-time decision making.

Penguin Computing DataNexus Solution can be integrated into existing bare-metal, containerized, virtual, or cloud environments. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other Penguin Computing solutions for data, HPC, AI/analytics, and cloud to provide an end-to-end workload driven environment.

“By implementing our Penguin Computing DataNexus Solution, companies with multiple data centers will be able to access and move their data securely and with ease,” said Sid Mair, President of Penguin Computing. “Through our work with Vcinity, we’re providing our customers with the ability to decide what data they need to move at lightning speed, which increases time to insight and allows decisions to be made in real-time.”

“Ultimate X delivers a global, federated data platform where geographically dispersed data is actionable from anywhere,” said Harry Carr, CEO & Chairman of Vcinity. “Collaborating with Penguin Computing has allowed our Ultimate X to be fully integrated into an end-to-end solution stack that enables users to access their data remotely, without needing to move or transfer.”

To learn more, read the Penguin Computing DataNexus Solution Brief here and contact our sales team at sales@penguincomputing.com to discuss your HPC data accessibility needs.