SMART Embedded Computing and SMART Wireless Computing are now Penguin Edge, a Product Line of Penguin Solutions

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Retail Video Analytics

Smart Cameras

Video Conferencing

View of a retail store from a camera

Reimagine retail operations

Retail video analytics solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) to understand video streams and provide insights that enable frictionless shopping experiences. Penguin Edge™ solutions provide the platforms retailers and OEMs need to build and integrate end-to-end video analytics solutions.

A camera pointing down at a car that is driving down a road

Make computer vision real

From public safety to smart factories and cities, Penguin Solutions™ designs edge infrastructure that make computer and machine vision use cases real. Let our experts help you build the future of image-based inspection and analysis technologies.

Picture of a person video conferencing with multiple people

Build feature-rich video conferencing

Penguin Edge™ solutions power some of the most popular video conferencing tools on the market. Enabling distance education, telemedicine and enterprise applications, we provide out-of-the box solutions that enable 1080p content sharing, multiple camera support and H.264 image compression.

AI and edge computing have digitally transformed businesses and the new Penguin Edge module will help support a wide range of ecosystem players and businesses in enabling the adoption of next-generation connected camera and AI capabilities.

– Siddhartha Franco, director, business development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm QCS610 based Solution for Rugged Smart Cameras

The Penguin Edge™ IFC6403 nano system on module enables power efficient AI based smart cameras, learn more in this video.

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