Scyld Cloud Workstation

Enterprise Class VDI

Scyld Cloud Workstation Enterprise Class VDI

A remote access strategy gives organizations the flexibility to allow users to interact with remote computers or servers from any location. Remote desktops work by utilizing software, hardware, and networking technologies to connect users to devices separated by distance, the ideal solution for individuals displaced from their work office due to natural disaster or other circumstances. There are many solutions that provide remote desktop access, however, few offer the ability to manage multi-monitor high resolution graphics effectively.

Penguin Computing™ Scyld Cloud WorkstationTM is a remote desktop solution designed to deliver real-time interactive enterprise class visualization through a standard browser without plugins. Users simply connect to the remote environment from virtually any device running Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Safari.

Scyld Cloud Workstation Benefits

Hardware Agnostic and Expansive OS Support

Scyld Cloud Workstation can run in any bare-metal or virtualized environment, enabling you to couple advanced VDI solutions into an existing environment. Whether you are enabling high-end 3D accelerated desktops, deploying GPU enabled workstations for AI/ML, enabling remote access to software suites for content creators, or building a platform to enable thousands of users with intuitive secure access to a familiar remote desktop, Scyld Cloud Workstation is able to meet your needs.

With support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, integration with existing workflows allows for frictionless enablement of your user base into a familiar environment.

Secure Remote Workforce

Scyld Cloud Workstation supplies secure access through HTTPS, requiring no additional ports through the firewall. This unique architecture saves bandwidth, simplifies implementation for IT departments, improves image quality, and ensures near-universal accessibility for users.

IT departments can use custom SSL certificates and couple authentication into centralized identity managers through Scyld Cloud Workstation’s ability to pass authentication onto the operating system.

Remote Collaboration on Shared Desktops

Scyld Cloud Workstation enables multi-user collaboration and remote desktop access for up to ten temporary or permanently authorized users. Control can be passed from one user to another while our QoS algorithm intelligently adjusts the frame rate per client to ensure an optimal experience. Through Scyld Cloud Workstation, customers can deploy large scale remote desktop environments using open source or commercial virtual machine platforms for provisioning.

Lossless Remote Desktops

For users that require pixel accuracy, Penguin Computing delivers an optional client that delivers two classes of high quality video outputs at up to 4K UHD:

  • Visually Lossless provides high fidelity video at near lossless compression to optimize your network
  • Alternatively, Lossless Video delivers uncompressed video streams

Users can easily toggle between visually lossless and completely lossless interactive sessions.

Remote macOS Desktops for Media & Entertainment

The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the trend toward virtualization in the Media and Entertainment space. Trusted advisors are currently being bombarded with requests for solutions to allow M&E professionals to work remotely, this includes editors, graphics designers, colorists, story producers, sound and music designers, FX artists and many others.

Penguin’s Scyld Cloud Workstation software is uniquely suited to meet the challenges posed by the entertainment community in the short term in addition to providing compatibility in the long term as the community transitions into the cloud.


Engineering Class Visualization for HPC and AI/ML

Engineers running CFD, CAE, or FAE codes run graphical applications that post-process or otherwise visualize data generated by applications running on an HPC cluster. Scientists in weather and chemistry are another class of users that commonly need to visualize data. Traditional HPC and AI/ML environments require users to download large data files to on-premises workstations for pre/post processing, model development, and data analysis offline from the computing resource and centralized storage. This is a time consuming process that makes it hard to create an efficient workflow with predictable time to results.

Penguin Computing’s remote visualization solutions offer significant time savings by moving pre and post processing to a workstation with direct access to a cluster’s data storage — eliminating the need to download large data files. Users can use the same GUI tools as on their local workstations, ensuring continued productivity.

Browser-based, HTML5 remote desktops

No client installation or plug-in needed

Supported on Apple® macOS®, Linux®, and Microsoft® Windows

Enables 3D accelerated interactive workflows

Operates within a wide variety of network conditions

Secure HTTPS authentication from any location

Collaborative, secure multi-user sessions

Supports multiple monitors

Intelligent QoS for minimizing network usage

Dual channel stereo audio support

Up to 4K, 3840×2160 resolutions at 60fps

Outperforms traditional VDI

Experience the Easy Setup with a Demo

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