Ruggedized COTS systems for high performance computing and signal processing with extreme reliability


For over 40 years SMART Embedded Computing (SMART EC) has been a leading provider of long life, embedded COTS computing solutions. Whether meeting the challenges of networking and control systems or executing real-time operations in tactical environments, our products protect our customers’ investments, with future-proof designs to withstand long gaps between technology insertion cycles.

ATCA Platforms

Our ATCA platforms are designed to meet the needs of next generation military networks, serving high-bandwidth, high-performance applications that cannot experience downtime such as land- or ship-based control systems, sensor data compute farms and surveillance systems.


With a heritage that includes companies such as Motorola Computer Group and Force Computers, SMART EC VME products have served the military and aerospace market since the technology was first invented. We have arguably the broadest line of Power Architecture (PowerPC) VME boards in the industry, which continue to deliver enduring operational benefits such as low power, small system size and excellence in design. Read more about our continued commitment to VME.
advanced computing - MVME for industrial IoT

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