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Extract More Value from that Mountain of Information

Slash your costs, from bidding to exploration, from drilling to product development

Wrangle Your Data into Faster, More Accurate Insights

Information is power but only if you can act on it.

Today oil and gas firms find themselves in the unexpected situation of having petabytes of sensor, geolocation, weather, drilling, and seismic data and slow, less than precise results that are also hard to manage and get to the right people in time.

Fortunately, new technological advances can help you store, transfer, and analyze this raw information and convert it into competitive advantage.

GPU Computing

GPU-accelerated computing can help you:

  • Improve lease bidding
  • Increase the ROI on exploration
  • Optimize drilling effectiveness
  • Get faster time-to-market with new additive, blends, and other products
  • Make faster emergency planning and emergency management decisions


A complete storage solution with leading-edge hardware optimized for specific workloads can help you:

  • Store petabytes of information regardless of format (inc. block and unstructured), even seismic, well performance, and other large data files
  • Easily accommodate ingress/egress of the rapidly expanding datasets from sensor, geo-location, weather, drilling, seismic and other sources
  • Securely manage acquisition, exploration, even downstream pricing data
  • Reduce storage costs even as you accommodate growth, updates, and upgrades

Data Transfer and Access

Record-breaking data transfer and access can help you:

  • Optimize well performance with near real-time access to field data
  • Connect geographically dispersed data collection points, compute resources, and employees for better collaboration and decision-making
  • Improve return on investment (ROI) by enhancing utilization of compute resources
  • Reduce electricity/cooling and reduce your total cost of ownership


The right storage is critical to a balanced, high performance artificial intelligence (AI) can help you choose the best course of action upstream, midstream, and even downstream with:

  • High throughput and input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • Tunable for variety of workloads and file sizes
  • Scalable enough to handle large volumes without performance loss
  • Robust data protections and fault-tolerant designs
  • Flexible deployment