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Smart Displays

Smart Displays

Driven by IoT, digital signage capabilities are evolving from a passive system that simply displays marketing content to a more advanced system that connects, interacts, and pulls content from diverse sources in real time.

Utilizing connected technology, automation and data analytics to monitor and evaluate behaviours, patterns and preferences, smart displays make retail spaces, transport hubs, and public places more responsive and efficient – from touch-enabled wayfinding kiosks that offer integrated directory and navigation solutions, to in-store advertising displays that combine product exploration with intuitive personalized promotions.

Digital displays offer the power of central management and ease of smart scheduling to allow continually optimized on-screen content, while tailoring experiences based on profiles and location.

Smart buildings leverage connected technology, devices, data analytics and automation to monitor and evaluate processes and conditions to make workplaces, public buildings, retail spaces and other structures more responsive, sustainable and productive.

The Penguin Edge 6720 application-ready platform is a smart display powerhouse.

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