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Retail Video Analytics as a Service

Retailers’ Technology Requirements

Actionable intelligence
to optimize store operations and understand customers

packaged technology offerings

Enhanced shrinkage control

Omni-channel shopping experience

Security & data privacy compliance

Leverage e-commerce techniques
for enhanced intelligence and improved customer experience

as-a-Service delivery models

Harness the Power of AI in Your Physical Retail Spaces

Penguin Solutions’ Unity retail video analytics service delivers the power of AI-based video analytics to improve your operational efficiency, reduce shrinkage and enrich the customer experience in your physical retail environments.

This service reduces time and expense to deploy and extends the capabilities of existing IT teams while scaling with your needs.

The Unity service can deliver

Improved same store sales:
Transaction velocity, targeted ads, operational insights

Ease of deployment:
End-to-end solutions, leveraging existing infrastructure

Customer insights:
Demographics, customer sentiment, customer journey

Cost control:
Loss prevention,
staffing efficiency

Better Customer experience:
Personalized engagement, faster shopping, loyalty

Ease of operation:
End-to-end solutions, leveraging existing infrastructure

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