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White Papers

Smart Cameras

Making monitoring and surveillance cameras smarter through IoT and AI

This paper looks at the market drivers, technology enablers and challenges, and presents smart camera solutions based on commercially available building blocks along with an example system architecture for a smart camera application.

Retail Video Analytics

The more retailers can learn about their shoppers, the more sales and profits they can generate

Retail video analytics solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to understand video streams and provide those customer insights.

Audio Transcoding

Accelerating Audio Processing in Wireless and VoIP Applications

Audio transcoding, particularly for voice, is a critical but often overlooked function in telecom applications such as session border controllers, media gateways and servers or media resource appliances. The key technology behind conference call applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and countless other voice-over-IP applications (VoIP), voice processing is now essential in delivering quality sound efficiently.


Secure COTS

The security of COTS embedded computing products used in military and aerospace programs has become a focal point for military branches and prime contractors. This white paper addresses the issue of supply chains security, covering topics such as design authority, chain of custody and governance in supply chains. It introduces the Penguin Edge™ concept of ‘Secure COTS’, a holistic and cradle-to-grave approach that ensures Penguin Edge products and supply-chains can be trusted.

COTS Bladed Server Architecture for High Performance Defense Applications

AdvancedTCA® (or ATCA®) technology has proven itself to be one of the most successful open, bladed architectures for high-performance, ultra-reliable network computing. The PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer Group (PICMG®) ratified the original ATCA open standard specification 15 years ago, has enhanced it over the years, and continues be an active organization of vendors and users. ATCA has defined a system architecture that supports systems which are compact, light and power efficient—which has become an ideal choice for military, aerospace and security systems.

Technical Papers

Migrating from MVME51005E to Later Penguin Edge Products

With the MVME5100 family of products going end-of-life, there are a number of newer Penguin Edge™ products available that might be options to replace your MVME5100 family of boards. This document outlines the pros and cons when selecting a replacement board.

All currently available Penguin Edge VME boards will continue to be available until at least 2025.