4K Ultra HD Video Input Adaptor

SKU: ACC-1S80-00-P2


The Inforce ACC-1S80-00-P2 from Penguin Solutions™ is a UH2C/H2C camera adapter board using Toshiba’s UHDMI to CSI conversion chip. It uses a Type A HDMI connector to receive the HDMI input and feeds CSI data into the Inforce platforms through two 41-pin MIPI-CSI connectors. There is no additional power supply required for this module. This module is capable of supporting 1080p resolution video input on a single CSI-2 using 4 lanes and 4k resolution video input using dual CSI-2 using 8 lanes. The necessary cables are included with this accessory to interface with the MIPI-CSI FI-R connectors available on all compatible Inforce platforms.

4K UHD Video Input Adapter Card for Snapdragon™ 820 based Penguin Solutions platforms.

This next generation HDMI input accessory is designed with an on-board HDMI to MIPI-CSI conversion bridge from Toshiba to interface with Penguin Solutions platforms based on the Snapdragon 820 processor. It supports 4K video input and HDMI 1.4a/b standards with audio and EDID negotiations. It operates with power drawn from the MIPI-CSI connector and no additional power supply is necessary.

With its advanced 4K video support, ACC-1S80 offers cutting-edge technology to develop video collaboration or digital signage devices where high quality imaging and displays are vital.

Designed for Penguin Solutions Platforms

  • IFC6601 Micro SoM Development Kit
  • IFC6640 SBC

Block Diagram

Acc 1s70 block diagram


  • UltraHD@30fps (4K Video); FullHD@30fps and HD@30fps HDMI input preview streams supported.
  • UltraHD@30fps (4K Video); FullHD@30fps and HD@30fps recording supported.
  • HDMI 1.4 A/B and MIPI-CSI-2 compliant.
  • The necessary connecting cables are provided along with this accessory.

Power, Mechanical, and Environmental

  • 100 mm x 32.7 mm x 1.6 mm board size
  • Operating temp: 0 to 70 C
  • Storage temp: -20 to 80 C

Compatible Platforms

  • IFC6640 SBC
  • SYS6601 Devkit


  • Early access to leading edge APIs and next generation features.
  • A product roadmap that keeps developers on the latest technology curve from Qualcomm


ACC-1S80 Datasheet Download

1. What is ACC-1S80?

ACC-1S80 is a UHD/1080p camera adapter board accessory that allows Penguin Solutions platforms to take in HDMI-Input. This accessory is completely plug and play and will work straight out of the box on Penguin Solutions platforms based on Qualcomm™ Snapdragon processors viz. IFC6640 and SYS6601.

2. Where can I get more information on the ACC-1S80 accessory? What do I get when I buy one ACC-1S80? Is the device available internationally?

The ACC-1S80 accessory package contains an adapter PCB and a set of 41-pin MIPI-CSI cables to interface with the MIPI-CSI connector available on Snapdragon 820 based Penguin Solutions platforms along with instructions to use it. Once you register the product with us online, you can get dedicated support from Penguin Solutions. The accessory would be shipped to most places around the world and relevant shipping and excise duty charges apply. Please contact PenguinEdgeSales@penguinsolutions.com for exact pricing.

3. Does Penguin Solutions have an active blog?

Yes! You can find our periodic blogs at https://www.penguinsolutions.com/edge/resources/blog/category/articles. Here you can keep up with all of the latest information about Penguin Solutions products, conference and trade show appearances, and innovative customer applications.

4. What are the input resolutions supported on ACC-1S80?

HDMI-Input resolutions up to 3840×2160@30 fps are supported. Thus 1080p@60fps and lower resolution inputs are supported.

5. Is this accessory plug-and-play? Can I plug in any HDMI source?

Yes, it is plug-and-play and doesn’t not require any additional power source too! Please ensure that the ACC-1S80 accessory is connected to the Penguin Solutions platform before it is powered-on and it will work right away when the system boots up. The camera app that will be available by default in the Android system tray will render the preview stream or initiate a recording. Yes, HDMI HPD is supported and thus any HDMI source can be plugged-in.

6. What documents can I access online if I were to purchase the ACC-1S80 accessory? Are board design files also provided?

We provide a datasheet and a User Guide that includes connection and feature details. Board design files are proprietary and thus not shared. DXF files can be made available if required. All software releases are accompanied with release notes, user guides and application notes that describe all the features and the installation procedure. Apart from these, all technical questions addressed to techsupport-wc@smartwirelesscompute.com.com are promptly answered once the product is registered with Penguin Solutions.

7. Does this accessory work concurrently with a MIPI-CSI camera?

The ACC-1S80 accessory connects to both MIPI-CSI interfaces available on either of the supported platforms. Thus the MIPI-CSI camera cannot be connected when this accessory is in use.

8. Does this accessory support audio?

Yes, recorded streams will include audio which is supported through I2S lines.