21MP MIPI-CSI Camera Module

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The Penguin Edge™ ACC-1H70 from Penguin Solutions™ is a complete camera solution that uses Sony’s IMX230 sensor and is capable of capturing 4K videos in HDR and taking 21 MP location photographs. This is the first CMOS sensor to feature an on-board image plane phase detection AF signal processing function that helps it achieve superior focus tracking of fast-moving objects. The accessory is completely plug and play and will work straight out of the box on all Penguin Solutions platforms running Android.

21 Mega Pixel MIPI-CSI (41-pin) image sensor-based camera module board with cable for Snapdragon™ 820 based Penguin Solutions platforms.

This next generation camera module accessory is designed with an on-board camera sensor from Sony (IMX230) for Penguin Solutions platforms based on the Snapdragon 820 processor. It is a diagonal 21 MP CMOS active pixel type stacked image sensor with a square pixel array. With Exmor-RS™ technology, the ACC-1H70 reaches high speed image capturing and HDR still picture and movies by introducing spatially multiplexed exposure. It operates with three power supply voltages and achieves low power consumption. At full resolution, it offers a readout rate of 24 frames per second, 4k2k@30fps, and 1080p@60fps in both normal and HDR modes.

Designed for Penguin Solutions Platforms

  • IFC6403 Nano SoM Development kit
  • IFC6502 Micro SoM Development kit
  • IFC6560 SBC
  • IFC67X1 Micro SoM Development kit
  • IFC68A1 Micro SoM Development kit

New Key Features

  • Excellent focus on fast-moving subjects
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • 4K video recording
  • White Spot Correction

Block Diagram

block diagram


Camera Adapter Card Features

  • Camera module with a Sony IMX230 image sensor
  • Back-illuminated and stacked type CMOS image sensor with Exmor RS™
  • 21 MP CMOS Image sensor with square pixel array (diag. 7.487mm, Type 1/2.4)
  • CSI-2 serial data output (MIPI 2lane/4lane, max. 1.5 Gbps/lane, DPHY spec. ver. 11)
  • Timing generator, Horizontal / Vertical driver circuits on chip
  • CDS/PGA on chip
  • 10 bit A/D convertor on chip
  • RGB primary color pigment mosaic filters on chip
  • Automatic optical Black clamp circuit on chip
  • High sensitivity, low dark current, no smear, excellent anti-blooming characteristics
  • Variable speed shutter (external mechanical shutter also supported)
  • Pixel rate: 360 MHz (All pixels, 4 lane, 24 frames)
  • 1080p@60, 4K@30 (4096 x 2160) drivers supported
  • Image compensation processing functions like defect pixel correction, ATR and CNR
  • Power-On Reset function
  • Dynamic Defect Pixel Correction
  • Independent flipping and mirroring
  • HDR and tone reproduction in Movie mode
  • Built-in temperature sensor

Camera CMOS image sensor SoC specs

  • Image size: Diagonal 7.487mm (Type 1/2.4)
  • Total number of pixels: 5408 (H) x 4112 (V) approx. 22.24 M pixels
  • Number of effective pixels: 5360 (H) x 4032 (V) approx. 21.61 M pixels
  • Number of active pixels: 5344 (H) x 4016 (V) approx. 21.46 M pixels
  • Unit cell size: 1.12µm (H) x 1.12 µm (V)
  • Sensitivity: 68mV
  • Sensor saturation signal (min value): 338mV
  • Substrate material: Silicon
  • Image Format: Bayer RAW

Power, Mechanical, and Environmental

  • Operating Voltages – Analog 2.5V, Digital 1.1V and 1.8V for input/output interface
  • 38.1 x 30.45 x 1.5mm board size
  • 9 gms weight (with out cable)

Compatible Platforms

  • IFC6403 Nano SoM Development kit
  • IFC6502 Micro SoM Development kit
  • IFC6560 SBC
  • IFC67X1 Micro SoM Development kit
  • IFC68A1 Micro SoM Development kit


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  • A product roadmap that keeps developers on the latest technology curve from Qualcomm


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