Balance Budgets, Compliance & Complexity

Departments across academic institutions are devouring computing power to perform their research. Finding ways to balance the need for outstanding compute performance against operational realities is critical. You need solutions that can help you balance:

  • Tight budgets and grant-driven deployment cycles
  • Need to minimize in-house expertise for setup, configuration and management
  • Meeting federal and state regulatory requirements focused on data privacy and protection

The Penguin Computing™ Advantage

Penguin Computing uses its expertise with open technology to provide the most cost-effective and dense solutions available—without sacrificing performance. We configure HPC solutions according to your specific performance and budgetary needs, relying on deep capabilities that are:

  • Easy to Use – An intuitive management tool that automates provisioning and simplifies administration for everyday users
  • Expert in Your Field – Expertise with ever-changing federal and state regulations about data lifecycle management
  • Secure – Strong security policies to protect your institution’s data
The supercomputer Penguin Computing built for Georgia Tech ranked 98 in the Top 500 supercomputer list.

  • “We replaced our legacy IBM system with a TOP100 cluster from Penguin in a ‘rolling’ update without significant downtime. A daunting task that Penguin was very successful at completing. We are very happy.”

    Professor Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick Georgia Institute of Technology - Director for the Center for the Study of Systems Biology
  • “It has been a pleasure using Penguin’s POD service. Penguin is more like a collaborator ensuring my applications run and run efficiently. It’s also trivial to scale up and offers significant savings compared to the typical cloud providers.”

    David Quigley Cancer Researcher - UCSF, San Francisco