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HPC Cluster Management, Dialed Up to 11

The world of HPC computing is constantly evolving and expanding. With version 11 of the Penguin Computing™ Scyld ClusterWare® suite, we’ve raised the bar to help organizations with the most demanding computing requirements maximize their HPC potential.

The Scyld ClusterWare 11 software suite delivers all of the benefits that HPC users have come to rely on — all the software necessary for HPC environments, such as MPI implementations and schedulers, web-based access, and so on — and added exciting new upgrades that make it more versatile, secure, and easy to implement and use than ever before. No matter your organization’s specific needs, Scyld ClusterWare can help you get the most out of your HPC environment.

Scyld ClusterWare 11 node status interface
scyld-clusterware-11 cluster monitoring software
Scyld ClusterWare 11 monitoring display

Here are some of the improvements and upgrades you’ll find with the newest version of our industry-leading cluster management software:

  • Kernel agnostic
  • Significant customization and security feature upgrades
  • Ability to scale to larger node counts
  • Customer defined node images
  • New web interfaces for easier cluster management
  • Updated and improved set of tools to monitor and visualize important cluster metrics, including the ability to set alerts based on defined thresholds