Scyld ClusterWare

Powerful, intuitive cluster management software you can customize to fit your needs today and tomorrow

Industry-leading HPC Cluster Management

The world of HPC computing is constantly evolving and expanding; Scyld ClusterWare® was designed with this in mind. We’ve raised the bar to help organizations with the most demanding computing requirements maximize their HPC investment.

Scyld ClusterWare delivers all of the benefits that HPC users have come to rely on — the software necessary for HPC environments, such as MPI implementations and schedulers, web-based administration, readiness for third-party applications, high-availability, scaling up to thousands of nodes — with exciting new upgrades that make it more versatile, secure, and easy to implement and use than ever before. Scyld ClusterWare can help you get the most out of your HPC environment, allowing you to accelerate your innovation and achieve a quicker time to market.

Backed by 20+ years of HPC expertise, Penguin Computing™’s Scyld ClusterWare is developed based on the continuing evolution of Beowulf clusters first developed at NASA in the 1990s.

Scyld ClusterWare node status interface
scyld-clusterware cluster monitoring software
Scyld ClusterWare monitoring display

Scyld ClusterWare Benefits

Security Focused

Support for SELinux, including the RedHat MLS policy, is available. This provides administrators with enhanced control over system access, and is an industry standard for cluster security.


With flexible infrastructure and pre-bundled HPC middleware, Scyld ClusterWare can manage clusters with a few nodes or thousands of nodes.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Scyld ClusterWare features an updated set of tools to monitor and visualize important cluster metrics. Customizable dashboards allow administrators to integrate monitoring and notifications into IT infrastructure.

Customer-defined Node Images

Allows for rapid image-based provisioning of bare metal servers.

Backed by HPC Experts

Scyld ClusterWare is developed and supported by a team of experts with decades of HPC cluster experience.

Scyld ClusterWare Benefits

Get an under-the-hood look at Penguin Solutions industry-leading, enterprise-grade HPC and AI/ML cluster management software, Scyld ClusterWare®, which combines all of the features and components that today’s administrators need to get their HPC clusters provisioned rapidly and operating smoothly. Watch this 25-minute overview of the features and benefits of Scyld ClusterWare, including a preview of version 12 and an understanding of the role Penguin’s Scyld Suite plays in simplifying the management of enterprise HPC/AI.

During the webinar, we covered:

  • What is Scyld ClusterWare?
  • How to tame HPC complexity with Scyld ClusterWare?
  • What role our Scyld Suite plays in simplifying the management of enterprise HPC/AI?

Scyld ClusterWare brings together all the features and components that today’s administrators need to get their HPC cluster provisioned rapidly and operating smoothly.