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Penguin Solutions and Denvr Dataworks Pioneer a More Sustainable Future of Data Centers

The world increasingly depends on high-performance (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) for everything from weather forecasting to cancer research. However, adopting these technologies creates tension between the innovation they enable and their environmental impact. With the rise of HPC, AI and ML, data centers are tasked with handling larger and increasingly complex workloads, placing a strain on water usage, power consumption, and carbon footprint. At Penguin Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of these technologies. So we’re excited to partner with Denvr Dataworks to create a more sustainable future for the HPC industry. We believe this partnership will be a model for data center design. 

The Challenge 

As AI, HPC, and ML become more widely used, data centers are under increasing pressure to keep up with demand. Traditional data centers require enormous amounts of water and use energy inefficiently.  

The Solution 

In partnership with Penguin Solutions, Denvr has achieved more compute and acceleration capabilities within a smaller footprint to meet the demands of HPC workloads while markedly improving energy efficiency. Denvr’s data centers use Penguin’s Open Compute Platform (OCP) servers to power its HPC/AI/ML cloud. 

Denvr is deepening its sustainability efforts by moving to immersion cooling systems in its data centers, which use less energy and water than traditional cooling methods. Penguin’s experience with liquid cooling projects make it the ideal partner for Denvr’s transition to become a more sustainable data center solution. 

The Result

The Denvr Cloud has developed a data center design that uses zero water for cooling, saves on precious resources, and reduces cooling costs. Denvr Cloud’s power efficiency is extraordinary - only 4% of the power utilized by Denvr is used for operating, while 96% goes to compute. This means that customers’ applications run faster and cooler than ever before. By using sustainable practices such as efficient, waterless cooling and energy-efficient servers, The Denvr Cloud minimizes the strain on data center infrastructure. These efforts not only help to improve sustainability but also reduce operating costs. 

Denvr is leading the way in developing environmentally friendly data centers, and Penguin is providing the hardware and expertise necessary to make this vision a reality. Together, we are demonstrating that we can build and operate ultra-efficient data centers that can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers while maintaining the highest sustainability standards.

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