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An Upstream Linux Release for the Snapdragon 820 based Inforce 6601 Development kit is now available!

We are happy to announce a fully featured release for Debian Linux software for the Inforce 6601 development kit. This release is based on Linaro’s Debian Linux build based on upstream kernel 4.14 and Debian 10 buster rootfs. This release has support for some exclusive features on Linux like preview and capture from the OV5640 camera sensor based Inforce ACC1H10 accessory through the onboard MIPI-CSI interface apart from improved thermal performance, hardware accelerated H265 encode/decode through Gstreamer integrated codecs, 4K HDMI output with audio apart from a whole lot of other standard features.

A list of the important features that are part of this release are:

  • Maximum frequency capability of the CPUs (Gold@2.15GHz each and Silver@1.593 GHz)
  • HDMI display of 4K@30fps full-screen resolution with audio
  • MIPI-CSI preview and capture from an Inforce camera module accessory
  • Hardware Accelerated Encode and Decode (H.264/H.265) using either file stream as input on gstreamer or the MIPI camera input
  • USB HS/SS Host/device and MSC, UVC and HID classes
  • Low speed peripherals like I2C/Serial UART and SPI
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • MIPI-DSI Display that renders in conjunction with the HDMI display
  • Bluetooth
  • And More!

The Inforce 6601 is a high-performance micro SoM in an ultra-small form factor of 50mm × 28mm that is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 APQ8096 SoC. The Inforce 6601 development kit is comprised of the Inforce 6601 micro SoM which is mounted onto a carrier board and ships with a 12V power adapter, USB cable, and acrylic base.

You can find more information and boot instructions on the Inforce TechWeb in the Inforce 6601 Debian Linux Release Notes V1.0 document that is available on the product pages on our web page.  For access to this release in source, please Contact our sales team at sales@inforcecomputing.com or (510) 683-9999.  We would love to hear your feedback and features you would like to see in our next release.