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SMART Wireless launches a new SoM based on Snapdragon™ 660, in a high reliability LGA package designed for Rugged Display devices

Newark, CA, April 02, 2020

SMART Wireless Computing® (part of SMART Global Holdings)., a leading provider of Snapdragon™ embedded computing platforms and solutions, today announced a compact compute module in an LGA package, Inforce 6503. Inforce 6503 enables advanced visual computing, enhanced graphics and on-device machine learning capabilities featuring the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor.

The Inforce 6503 SoM powered by the Snapdragon 660 Octacore processor brings true-to-life colors and lifelike visuals coupled with AI-enabled user experiences. This compute module combines the heterogeneous compute capabilities of the Snapdragon™ SoCs with 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi with DBS, Bluetooth 5.x, haptics, a full featured USB-C interface with UltraHD display capability and ample internal memory to make it a complete 4K encode/decode systems. With support for dual MIPI-CSI cameras, depth perception use-cases like proximity detection, semantic segmentation, autonomous driving and facial recognition can be enabled with ease on systems built on these SoMs.

The SoM comes in an ultra-small form factor of 40mm x 35mm in an LGA package and is light-weight. It is a perfect fit for rugged applications that requires sturdy mechanical fitment and a need for low vertical profiles. Target end-uses that can benefit from these capabilities include rugged connected displays, high-end industrial IoT, wearables, portable healthcare with advanced imaging requirements and connected cameras’ domains. Optional SKUs support extended operating temperature range and EMI shielding for better RF noise protection, while also doubling up as a medium for heat spreading and dissipation to further improve performance. SMART Wireless’s offers a reference carrier board design with this SoM to help create and optimize your products with the shortest turnaround time.

An Android BSP release package come pre-loaded on this products from SMART Wireless with committed periodic upgrades supporting all available peripherals.

“Our customers are engineering the Internet of Everything. SMART Wireless is dedicated to delivering sophisticated embedded solutions and these new SoMs are a perfect fit for our product roadmap.” said Jagat Acharya, VP at SMART Wireless Computing, Inc. “Qualcomm Technologies has delivered new innovative architectures that drive machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Immersion in the Snapdragon 660 processor. Our experience in combining these with home-grown efficient software solutions coupled with support products help product makers to rapidly access the capabilities they need to create powerful, connected solutions.”

SMART Wireless offers long-life supply commitment and lifecycle assurance, support for hardware customization and custom software. With extensive design and manufacturing experience, SMART Wireless creates shippable products that can pass FCC Class A/Class B, CE including RED 2014/35/EU and all regulatory compliances applicable in multiple countries across the world.

About SMART Wireless (formerly Inforce Computing Inc.)

SMART Wireless Computing®, a manufacturer based in Newark, CA, is a leading developer of high-performance production-ready ARM® ISA based embedded computing platforms for IoT applications. Enhanced by a key long term partnership with Qualcomm® Technologies Inc, SMART Wireless designs and manufactures Snapdragon™ processor-based ingenious system-on-modules (SOMs), single board computers (SBCs), and development kits. SMART Wireless’s hardware platforms come in eco-aware, low-profile and tiny footprints, and are available off-the-shelf to serve growing markets enabled by the next generation of connected devices. With these miniature platforms, our OEM customers design cutting-edge devices for applications in sophisticated medical imaging, videoconferencing/collaboration, AR/VR based hands-free computing, industrial internet-of-everything, commercial drones and robotics. Together with our silicon, software and system partners, SMART Wireless® is pioneering products with an optimized delivery model for emerging markets. SMART Wireless is a One stop for concept-to-prototype-to-volume manufacturing

Visit www.smartwirelesscompute.com to see how SMART Wireless is helping Organizations with innovative and advanced embedded solutions. For further information, please contact sales@inforcecomputing.com or call (510) 683-1234.

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