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Penguin Solutions Announces Major Version Release of its Flagship Scyld ClusterWare
Software Platform

Scyld ClusterWare v12.0 software streamlines cluster deployment for HPC and AI workloads

Fremont, CA – April 24, 2023 – Penguin Solutions, an SGH brand (Nasdaq: SGH) that provides HPC, AI, and IoT technologies for edge, core, and cloud, today announced a major new release of its Scyld ClusterWare® software platform. Penguin’s Scyld ClusterWare software provides a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible HPC and AI cluster management and monitoring environment. 

Scyld ClusterWare is designed to provision HPC and AI server clusters quickly, securely, and at scale. This ability to rapidly and reliably get HPC and AI clusters up and running from bare-metal to a technical computing environment accelerates innovation by enabling data scientists, researchers, and engineers to focus on their work. Additionally, by providing a single pane of glass through which administrators can manage large scale clusters relieves administrative pain points and allows IT teams to direct their efforts on developing new workloads and capabilities. 

With Penguin Computing’s Scyld ClusterWare 12.0 software, the node grid displays compute node health in real time and status information at a glance. Filtering and selection controls drive the Dynamic Node Group feature which makes system monitoring easier for administrators, providing more control and efficiency.

This new version guides administrators through cluster management and expansion, enables greater scalability, boosts performance of key provisioning actions, and delivers significant ease of use. 

New Scyld ClusterWare software 12.0 features include: 

  • Web console with refreshed UI and greatly expanded functionality add to the already powerful management and monitoring tools available through the API and command line tools 
  • More performant node status subsystems bringing support for ever-larger compute node counts without sacrificing compute cycles needed for computation  
  • Git Repos-as-a-Service enables even more automation making cluster customization, rebuild, and change management even simpler 
  • Images-as-a-Service gives admins the flexibility to provision bare-metal, VMs, diskless nodes, and other devices while assuring stability on known good states 
  • Config-less Slurm dramatically simplifies job scheduler setup and configuration 
  • Managing nodes with varying hardware or software profiles via Dynamic Attributes and Node Groups gives administrators greater efficiency gains and groups of nodes easily and intuitively 

“Close collaboration with our customers – and our expertise with keeping up with emerging trends – continues to guide our forward-looking software roadmap as reflected in the features of this latest Scyld Clusterware release,” said Phil Pokorny, chief technology officer at Penguin Computing. “Our software solutions are constantly evolving and continually improving with each new release to meet the demands of the ever changing market and advancing technologies.” He added, “Penguin is proud of our 25-year heritage of tackling complex HPC challenges in order for our customers to focus on innovation, not infrastructure.” 

Scyld ClusterWare software 12.0 is now available for customers to download. Visit www.penguinsolutions.com/computing to view Penguin’s most up-to-date related software documentation

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The Penguin Solutions portfolio, which includes Penguin Computing and Penguin Edge™, accelerates customers’ digital transformation with the power of emerging technologies in HPC, AI, and IoT with solutions and services that span the continuum of edge, core, and cloud. By designing highly-advanced infrastructure, machines, and networked systems we enable the world’s most innovative enterprises and government institutions to build the autonomous future, drive discovery and amplify human potential. 

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