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Penguin Computing™ Unveils Its First Intel Select Solution with Red Hat OpenShift

In June 2020, Penguin Computing™ announced that it is participating in the Intel Select Solutions (ISS) Program to deliver a series of verified, quick-to-deploy infrastructure solutions optimized for HPC, AI and ML applications. Today, we are announcing the first ISS solution, a workload optimized container orchestration platform.

Red Hat Openshift Reference Architecture

To remain competitive and reduce total cost of ownership, organizations are increasingly looking for technology and infrastructure options that offer flexibility, scalability and will “future proof” their businesses over time. There is also a growing need to centralize and modernize the data center in order to become more efficient and agile. With these customer goals in mind, the first solution from the Penguin Computing and Intel collaboration is a cloud enablement solution, which is expected to be available for purchase in Q3 2020. This solution will be built, tested, validated, and integrated into a customer’s environment, or hosted and managed, by experts at Penguin Computing.

Customer Benefits and Applications

This Openshift RA solution is ideal for customers looking for cloud native infrastructure who need to support and manage an environment of containers. By containerizing applications and using Red Hat® OpenShift®, organizations can securely run applications on any hardware that supports that container, freeing customers from the need to set-up or redeploy on new hardware. Through this containerized approach, customers benefit from workload portability throughout the organization and greater efficiencies for their IT and business teams. Since this solution can be deployed anywhere in the organization, this solution will support the container wherever it is. As a result, customers also enjoy more freedom to focus on their research and businesses, without being mired in infrastructure needs. For customers focused on AI/ML and Deep Learning, Training and Inference would be an ideal fit for this solution because many AI models are trained and deployed as containers. Interested in Penguin Computing’s ISS solution for cloud enablement? Contact us here to discuss how Penguin Computing can empower your organization.