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Penguin Computing introduces Icebreaker HPC

LAS VEGAS, NV – EMC WORLD – (2014-5-5 00:00:00)

Penguin Computing, experts in high performance and enterprise computing solutions, today announced ICEBREAKER HPC, a family of highly scalable, high performance file-system solutions based on EMC VNX and EMC Isilon storage. Currently available with either Lustre or NFS file-systems, the Icebreaker HPC family integrates EMC VNX® and EMC Isilon® platforms with Penguins standard rack infrastructure in a form factor that allows the easy addition of other HPC solutions. This solution is highly scalable, and leveraging the combination of many 42U racks in concert, each of which can hold as many as 600 disk drives and deliver up to 2.5 PBytes of usable storage, is able to satisfy the capacity needs of the most demanding HPC applications. By using Penguin’s networking/interconnect solutions together with EMC’s highly reliable storage platforms in a high-availability, fault-tolerant architecture, Penguin is able to deliver non-stop file-system access with aggregate bandwidth in excess of hundreds of gigabytes per second. The result is a highly effective, high-capacity storage solution that can deliver enterprise grade quality of service with the data profile and workflow associated with HPC deployments. At booth 635 during EMC World, Penguin, EMC and GRAU DATA will together demonstrate a data interoperability solution that combines a parallel Lustre file-system built on VNX with a multi-server Isilon deployment. Using GRAU DATA’s ArchiveManager software to implement a working Hierarchical Storage Management system, which transparently and efficiently archives infrequently accessed data to tiered backup storage, this seamlessly integrated solution allows a site to make the most efficient and effective use of a high performance Lustre file-system while at the same time providing a low overhead and cost efficient multi-tiered backup solution. “As a company that has built HPC Cluster systems since its earliest days, we have always been cognizant of our customers’ increasingly complex storage needs”, said Tom Coull, CEO Penguin Computing, “But now, working with EMC, we are able together to deliver a new family of enterprise grade storage solutions based on VNX and Isilon that complement and address the whole range of data storage requirements for current and future generations of large-scale supercomputing systems.” “We are excited to work with Penguin Computing on the Icebreaker HPC line,” said Sassan Teymouri, senior director of HPC Business Development at EMC, “and feel that combining EMC technology with Penguin’s HPC expertise allows us to offer solutions that can meet the needs of our most exacting customers.” “We are pleased to work with EMC and Penguin Computing,” said GRAU DATA CEO Herbert Grau, “Our XtreemStore PDM software introduces the Hierarchical Storage Management capabilities to the Lustre file system, enabling integration of high performance “tier-0” storage with established enterprise data management practices. HPC end users experience the full performance of Lustre’s parallel I/O and storage administrators can apply the archival, backup and disaster recovery tools to secure the HPC data sets.” Penguin offers compute, storage and networking solutions for both Open Rack and conventional 19’’ EIA racks. Icebreaker HPC™ expands Penguin Computing’s traditional high performance storage solutions and establishes a new architecture for current and future high performance storage solutions.