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Penguin Computing™ Announces TrueHPC with NVIDIA Networking

Penguin Computing TrueHPC™ drives innovation with ready-to-run HPC

Fremont, CA., - November 17, 2020 - Supercomputing2020Penguin Computing, a division of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH) and leader in high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and enterprise data center solutions, today announced TrueHPC, an end-to-end, enterprise-supported HPC solution powered by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) and NVIDIA Mellanox HDR InfiniBand networking to deliver a workload-optimized HPC infrastructure, that scales to meet any workload, and accelerates time-to-innovation across HPC initiatives.

The HPC landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades. New market entrants are using new strategies that push the boundaries of the discipline. At the same time, the underlying technology continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace. Designing the right HPC platform, that is specific to workloads and business objectives, and ensuring that the compute, storage, and networking subsystems are well-designed, individually, and function in a balanced manner, together, is critically important for the success of an HPC initiative. A poor design choice, at any point in the process, can negatively impact performance, reliability, availability, and serviceability, significantly reduce the value of the HPC investment, and reduce overall market competitiveness.

Penguin Computing TrueHPC delivers a complete software, hardware and management platform built on compute-optimized hardware and Scyld™ Clusterware orchestration software. This flexible and scalable solution accelerates time-to-innovation, speeds the adoption of rapidly changing technologies, reduces risk, and lowers total cost of ownership. TrueHPC leverages industry-leading technologies from AMD, NVIDIA, and others to enable a complete technology ecosystem in support of each unique workload. TrueHPC provides cluster management tools that allow customers to not only quickly and easily provision technical compute environments, but to efficiently monitor and manage them. TrueHPC can be implemented as a standalone solution or in combination with other Penguin Computing solutions and reference architectures for Data, AI, Analytics, and Cloud.

“With each new technological advance comes more choice. Building the right infrastructure and planning for the future of an HPC resource is challenging and complex for new HPC users and seasoned practitioners alike,” said Kevin Tubbs, Ph.D., and senior vice president, Strategic Solutions Group at Penguin Computing. “For more than two decades, Penguin Computing has been helping customers to design, build, and support custom HPC architectures. In collaboration with our partner NVIDIA, we’re continuing to meet the evolving technical requirements of the most demanding, data-driven workloads.”

“The HPC industry has evolved dramatically with the massive proliferation of data and corresponding increase in demand for more ways to access and power AI and HPC workloads,” said Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of networking at NVIDIA. “Penguin Computing’s choice to power TrueHPC with NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand networking will provide Penguin Computing users best-in-class performance and scale for building and deploying HPC systems that are future-proofed for tomorrow’s needs.”

With the launch of Penguin Computing’s four dedicated technology practices, TrueHPC is an integral part of the HPC Practice. The HPC Practice delivers targeted, modular, and complementary HPC architectures that improve performance and utility while lowering the barrier to adoption. Penguin Computing will shorten time to insight and discovery by removing the complexities involved in designing, deploying, supporting, and operating HPC infrastructure.

Penguin Computing TrueHPC will be available in mid-fiscal Q1 2021. For more information, please contact: sales@penguincomputing.com

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