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Penguin Computing™ and Memverge Announce Partnership to Launch New Big Memory Solutions

Last week, our friends at MemVerge announced the launch of their Memory Machine software, which fundamentally changes memory-intensive compute infrastructure to make Big Memory Computing a reality. Alongside this news, it was also announced that Penguin Computing™ would be partnering with MemVerge to deliver the world’s first Big Memory Computing Solutions.[mk_padding_divider size="20"]

Penguin Computing Infrastructure for Big Memory Solutions

[mk_padding_divider]These solutions leverage DRAM and persistent memory, virtualizing it into massive pools of software-defined memory across multiple devices. With this capability, users can meet the exploding demand of real-time applications for memory-focused solutions that scale to many terabytes. [mk_padding_divider]

Big Memory Solutions Virtualize DRAM and PMEM

[mk_padding_divider]Without Memory Machine software, DRAM runs slightly faster than PMEM. With a Big Memory Solution powered by Memory Machine, DRAM and PMEM work together as fast or faster than DRAM. Memory Machine software enables IT organizations to implement server refreshes with memory that costs significantly less without sacrificing performance. [mk_padding_divider]

A Pool of DRAM and PMEM Going as Fast or Faster than DRAM

[mk_padding_divider]Once DRAM and PMEM are virtualized, Big Memory Computing solutions make PMEM appear as DRAM allowing any application to plug-and-play with the pool of memory. With a single Memory Machine software virtualization layer, an entire data center full of applications can have quick and easy access to a lower-cost pool of DRAM and PMEM. This unprecedented speed and stability open a myriad of opportunities for IT organizations supporting HPC and AI/ML applications. They can enable real-time analytics to cost-effectively analyze hundreds of terabytes of data, accelerating processing and analysis. Their Big Memory Server deployment will allow AI/ML neural networks to analyze datasets with hundreds of terabytes for faster and more accurate fraud detection. Additionally, they can boost the productivity of video applications by allowing them to recover their massive memory footprints in seconds after a system crash. [mk_padding_divider]

3D Animation Crash Recovery Before and After Big Memory Solution

[mk_padding_divider size="20"]“The move to in-memory computing is creating significant draw for the MemVerge technology across a broad spectrum of our technological disciplines and vertical markets,” said Kevin Tubbs, Senior VP, Strategic Solutions Group, Penguin Computing. “We specialize in designing and packaging critical emerging technologies to our AI and HPC customers in highly tuned, well supported reference architectures.” If you want to learn more about Memory Machine, or big memory computing as a concept, MemVerge hosted a fantastic webinar, which you can watch here:[mk_padding_divider size="7"][TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube="https://youtu.be/abv3SA4CPmk"][mk_padding_divider size="5"]The World's 1st Big Memory Solutions Kevin Tubbs, Sr. VP, Strategic Solutions Group, Penguin Computing[mk_padding_divider size="10"]We are excited for the future of Big Memory and can already see the benefits customers will get from this new technology. If you or your team could benefit from Big Memory Solutions, our team of HPC and AI experts are happy to discuss how Penguin Computing and MemVerge can empower your organization. Contact us here to discuss what Big Memory can do for you!