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Introducing the Affordable Inforce 6309™ Micro SBC

Commercialize Your Next Gen Industrial IoE Product Based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 Processor [caption id="attachment_75" align="alignright" width="300"]Inforce 6309 Micro SBC Full Development Kit Inforce 6309 Micro SBC (Full Development Kit)[/caption] OK, have you been working on or thinking of bringing that cool high-performance next generation industrial internet-of-everything (IoE) idea to market? Are you feeling weighed down by stringent requirements such as robust upstream Linux kernel/Android OS and device driver support, extended operating temperature range (you could possibly be designing a next-gen outdoor smart signage or billboard that does real-time heavy-duty analytics, to withstand the deep freeze of the winter in Minneapolis or sizzling summers in Las Vegas or Phoenix), and your end-products have a long product lifecycle? Does your product live in hostile environments (electrical and thermal) that requires EMI noise protection, proper thermal design/heat dissipation, and are actively considering including things like Power-over-Ethernet and RS485 ports? While all of this sounds really exciting and challenging at the same time, are you struggling to find the right high-performance compute platform that fits these needs in a cost-effective and reliable way to scale to production volume manufacturing? Despair not; help is on the way in the form of the latest Inforce 6309 Micro SBC, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor! Why Inforce 6309 Micro SBC? The Inforce 6309 Micro SBC is a tiny (credit-card size) but full-fledged development kit and production-ready compute platform based on the long lifecycle and powerful 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor. Inforce 6309 Micro SBC credit card sized development kitThe micro SBC is purpose built for several industrial embedded designs and internet of everything (IoE), particularly those that need high-performance and low-power processing at the edge of the network. Powered by a quad-core 64-bit ARM®v8 Cortex®-A53 processor, it provides an uncompromised direct access to a rich set of I/Os despite its miniature size. Here’re more compelling reasons why the unique features of the plug-and-play Inforce 6309 Micro SBC will be a great fit for your embedded design needs (please see the product detailed page for in-depth information): What kind of end-applications can I use the Inforce 6309 Micro SBC for? The Inforce 6309 Micro SBC delivers high performance, rich multimedia, low power consumption, connectivity, and comprehensive support for an upstream Linux kernel (Linaro), Android (Lollipop) OS, and device drivers for embedded applications such as:
  • Industrial automation and sophisticated IoE devices
  • Medical devices that consolidate several discrete functions
  • Robotics, UAVs, and AR/VR based hands-free computing
How much does it cost and when/where can I order one? Can I get commercial temperature range variants of the product with a different set of features? The Inforce 6309 Micro SBC full development kit is attractively priced at $126 and can soon be pre-ordered here. Stay tuned for lead times and shipment dates. Commercial production SKUs are available with different combination of features and options such as both commercial and extended operating temperature ranges for OEMs with prices starting as low as $99 for small quantities. Please call Inforce Computing at (510) 683-9999 or email us for a quote with your specific requirements. OK, I’m convinced, but why should I go with Inforce Computing? The Inforce Advantage: Based in Silicon Valley, California, and aided by several years of in-depth experience in the embedded space and enterprise telecom-class designs, Inforce Computing has delivered multiple generations of high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon processor-based SOMs and SBCs to cater to a wide variety of IoE applications. Inforce’s pedigree on Snapdragon based embedded computing platforms is truly reflected by the many OEMs currently shipping exciting production volume end-products. Inforce goes well beyond providing long product life-cycles, extended operating temperatures, extensive EMI and thermal analysis, upstream kernel based Linux OS/BSPs, and key peripheral device drivers (cameras, displays, connectivity, etc.).  Inforce offers comprehensive solutions and design assistance services for customers to develop bleeding edge embedded products in enterprise videoconferencing/collaboration, connected and portable medical imaging, augmented reality based hands-free computing, robotics, and drones. Inforce’s enterprise class and medical-grade products adhere to stringent quality control standards during design and manufacturing to help customers successfully pass through rigorous FDA, FCC, UL, TELEC, and CE certification. Lately we have released 6309L, a variation of the current 6309. You can check it here Vasu Madabushi Inforce Computing desk #InforceInspired © 2015 Inforce Computing, Inc. All rights reserved.