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Inforce 6309 upgraded to support extended temperature grade

Additional build-to-order SKUs are available starting at $85: The Snapdragon™ 410E based Micro SBC, Inforce 6309, has gotten a huge upgrade: extended temperature support.  It now supports a temperature grade of -30⁰ to 85⁰C.  The same Micro SBC you love can now be anywhere you want it to be.  The Inforce 6309 board today ships with a heatsink, RTC and EMI shielding.  As a production-ready platform, you can immediately start prototyping and use the Inforce 6309 as a ready-made solution for your Internet of Things and industrial applications.inforce-6309-snapdragon-410This Micro SBC is a perfect fit solution for applications in outdoor or extreme environments, and in need of long life support.  In addition to the increased temperature range, Inforce 6309 supports long product lifecycles with Snapdragon 410E having a 10-year supply commitment from Qualcomm®.  Industrial and IoT are the two focus markets where Inforce 6309 is already making a huge impact in applications like automation, IoT gateways, retail analytics, and digital signage.

In addition to the upgrades to Inforce 6309, ACC-1S70, a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)/ RS485 add-on card, has been designed to directly compliment the Inforce 6309 Micro SBC.   For network devices that aren’t located near a power source, you can power your Inforce 6309-based product through Ethernet and eliminate the need for multiple cables.  The ACC-1S70 is available today for $100 and can be purchased online under accessories.

You can purchase Inforce6309 Micro SBC with extended temperature support (heatsinks, EMI shielding, and RTC) online.  Board only SKUs, with your choice of Linux or Android OS, start at $126.  You can then purchase the starter kit which includes a power adapter, µUSB cable, and acrylic base for an additional $10.

Additional build-to-order SKUs for Inforce 6309 are available under “SKU variants”, and include commercial temperature grade and cost-optimized versions starting at $85 at a minimum order quantity of 100 units.  Call (510) 683-9999 or visit www.inforcecomputing.com for more information and to order.

Author: Erin Hartje, Marketing Manager for Inforce Computing
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