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Cyber Dyne’s KIMEME Software Available on Penguin Computing’s POD High Performance Computing Cloud Service

Companies Collaborate to Ease Complex Design, Engineering and Scientific Computing

FREMONT, CA - March 14, 2016 - Penguin Computing, a provider of high-performance computing, enterprise data center and cloud solutions, today announced the availability Cyber Dyne’s KIMEME software on Penguin Computing’s POD public HPC cloud service. “It’s now possible to submit and manage large DOEs and optimization simulations flawlessly in the cloud,” said Ernesto Mininno, CEO, Cyber Dyne. “These tasks are much easier and faster thanks to the computational power of Penguin Computing’s POD HPC services.” Cyber Dyne’s KIMEME software is a fast, user-friendly optimization platform for computer-aided engineering applications. It allows integration of complex process design, execution of DOEs, distribution of calculations and data mining with just a few clicks. “This is the first solution for DOE and numerical optimization that is directly integrated with an advanced cloud service such as Penguin Computing’s POD,” said Tom Coull, President and CEO, Penguin Computing. “Users can easily combine local computational infrastructure with remote queues in the cloud, to speed-up simulation batches on demand in a highly scalable and flexible manner.” “With the native integration of KIMEME with POD, I no longer need to worry about computing power, either the hardware or the complex parallel implementations,” said Dr. Ferrante Neri, Full Professor of Computational Intelligence Optimization, De Montfort University (UK). “Running my experiments on the cloud has never been so easy.” Combining the capabilities of the two companies will result in an attractive offering for Cyber Dyne and POD users who need to run complex workflows involving massive numerical simulations with popular CAE software such as ANSYS, OPENFOAM and StarCCM+, among others. Late last year Penguin Computing announced availability of its OCP-compliant Tundra™ platform on POD. Tundra on POD, enabling thousands of new high-speed cores, demonstrates the value of open computing and meets CIO customer interest in faster, easier deployment of capacity. The integration of Tundra and POD also proliferates open computing to the marketplace. Visit https://pod.penguincomputing.com for more information about POD and http://www.cyberdyne.it to learn about Cyber Dyne.