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Affordable Large Memory HPC Now Available For Middle Market

Penguin Computing and Symmetric Computing, Inc. today announced a partnership to bring the power of large shared memory, high core-count high performance computing (HPC) to the market at a greatly reduced cost. Now with much more affordable access to this new technology, a wide range of customers can harness massive computational power and drive advances in areas such as bio-informatics, engineering, energy, earth science, security, finance and of course, big data. According to Richard Anderson, President and CTO of Symmetric Computing, “We have broken the price/performance barrier that previously existed for large shared memory/high core count. No longer do you need the budget of major government funded research facilities to afford supercomputers that because of their exceptionally large shared memory significantly reduce the time and effort required for research, simulation and modeling. These capabilities are now available at an affordable price.” “Penguin Computing’s status as a premier HPC solutions provider is enhanced with the Symmetric Computing Trio™ product,” said David Ingersoll, VP Sales for Penguin Computing. “The availability of this product allows us to augment our Linux cluster HPC market to address our customer’s needs for large shared memory HPC at a more affordable level than other solutions available.” Initially available with 1.5TB or 3TB of shared memory and 192 cores, these machines cut the processing time for workloads that need access to large memory configurations. The Symmetric Computing Trio™ (www.symmetriccomputing.com/trio.html) is usable for both shared memory and distributed memory applications. Available today for purchase, a cloud-based Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) HPC service offering is anticipated for those who need the performance of large shared memory HPC on a pay as you go basis. For more information, please visit www.penguincomputing.com. About Symmetric Computing Symmetric Computing provides large shared memory/high cluster count High Performance Computing (HPC) at an affordable, department level price. Comparable HPC solution are either outside the financial resources of all but the largest government supported supercomputer organizations and current on-demand HPC-like services are either not capable of large shared memory support or are unaffordable for those needing large shared memory HPC capacity for ongoing engagements. By providing massive computational power at an affordable price, Symmetric Computing supercomputers are driving advancements in research, simulations and modeling activities for industries ranging from Bioinformatics to Energy to Financial Services and Big Data applications. For more information please contact Symmetric Computing or inquire at info@symmetriccomputing.com.