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Inforce Computing at Basler Booth, Embedded World 2017

Inforce Computing is at the Embedded World trade show this week, taking place at the Exhibition hall, in Nuremberg, Germany. At Hall 2, Booth 528, we collaborate with Basler to showcase live demos on embedded vision solutions running on an Inforce platform based on Qualcomm® Snapdragon 805 processor connected with Basler’s dart board level camera.

Inforce Computing at Basler Booth, Embedded World 2017

Come, visit us and walk by the camera’s line of sight at the booth and the complex retail analytics algorithm measures your age, gender and attention span before storing the data anonymously and securely into a database! The built-in intelligence ensures that this data is captured just once irrespective of how many times you pass by or if you now wear spectacles! Cool, isn’t it?

Basler’s YouTube channel should soon have their video interviewing us on our partnership and this demo.