Penguin Computing™
HPC Cloud Solutions

True HPC power with cloud flexibility…


Built on the same secure, high performance computing (HPC) environment found in our AccessHPC enterprise solution, Penguin’s HPC on Demand Cloud (POD) solutions can handle the most challenging simulations and analytics.

POD is the choice for countless organizations who value the combination of security, on-demand scalable resources, flexibility and free support. POD combines true, bare metal HPC power with cloud flexibility and simple, honest pricing. You don’t have to be an HPC expert – we are!

With included free support from HPC experts and transparent pricing, Penguin Computing™ POD solutions meet the needs of both power users in the private or public sector who need to expand capacity quickly, as well as those building their organizations on a budget.

Which Penguin Computing Cloud HPC environment is right for you?

Scyld Cloud Central™

Cloud Native HPC/AI for Rapid Deployment/Scaling


For most HPC workflows