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Introducing Penguin Solutions

Be First to the Future

Penguin Solutions™ designs highly advanced infrastructure, machines and networked systems. Our solutions are enabling the world’s most innovative enterprises and government institutions to build the autonomous future, drive discovery and amplify human potential.

From computer vision and natural language processing to data science and AI, Penguin Computing™ eliminates the pain points of designing and operating advanced infrastructure for demanding workloads.

The Penguin Edge™ portfolio extends insight, intelligence, and analytical capabilities closer to where the data is generated — optimizing a range of use cases across industries and rugged environments.

Why Penguin Solutions

We’re the team to partner with when you’re facing the most complex and consequential data project of your career.

Build Boundless

Overcome otherwise insurmountable data and performance challenges with advanced machines and networked systems that we architect for the most demanding workloads across the compute continuum.

Shorten Time to Value

We connect the technology dots others can’t to design, build and maintain end-to-end AI, HPC and edge infrastructure faster, while shielding your team from the underlying complexity.

Amplify Your Imagination

Working alongside your innovation teams, we boldly push the limits of technology to advance scientific discovery, accelerate the autonomous future, and enable you to find answers to humanity’s grandest challenges.

Win on innovation

Hundreds of customers globally trust Penguin Solutions with their most mission-critical innovation projects.

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Announcing Penguin Solutions!

Thierry Pellegrino, President of Intelligent Platform Solutions shares more about our exciting new umbrella brand, Penguin Solutions.

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