SMART Embedded Computing and SMART Wireless Computing are now Penguin Edge, a Product Line of Penguin Solutions

Be the First to the Future. Let Penguin Point the Way.

Solution Briefs

Smarter Buildings

Through automation, sensors and remote capabilities, smart buildings can maximize building efficiency, optimize resource use, increase comfort for building occupants, enhance security and reduce operating costs.

Body Cams

The growth of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) means that connected, smart bodycams are now a cost-effective reality, offering potential for exciting new features.

Smart Displays

Digital signage, kiosks, wayfinding and other display solutions can be enhanced with AI and IoT technologies, transcending the conventional viewing experience, bringing creative ideas to life, and enabling the delivery of valuable communications that engage, inform and entertain.

VME Beyond 2025 Brochure

Penguin Edge VME products remain an ideal architecture for mission-critical applications requiring high reliability and extended life cycles and Penguin Solutions continue to be committed to the technology.